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Importing 2015 TurboTax Files into 2015 Pro Series


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Hello, does anyone know if there is problem or if we are short of an update to be able to do this?

I did 3 1040X Amended Returns for my mother and easily transferred her Turbo Tax Files into Pro Series and I am getting her back another $7.282 in additional refunds.

However, I have a new client that wanted me to "check" her and her husbands work on a 2015 Turbo Tax File, but I keep getting an error when trying to transfer.

Any thoughts, hints, suggestions, ideas?



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I double-checked on the Official ProSeries community, and apparently other people are having this same issue with transferring 2015 TurboTax files into 2015 ProSeries.  I spent about two hours on the telephone yesterday with Customer Support, and in the end, the lady I spoke with admits that it may be a glitch for 2015's software.  We were able to Transfer this given client's 2014 TurboTax file into 2014 ProSeries, so the workaround will be rolling forward the 2014 return and inputting the 2015 numbers from scratch.  Please let me know if anyone else out there that uses ProSeries is having this issue- getting the Unknown Error message when trying to transfer,


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By the way, this was a brand new client who did her 2015 Return with TurboTax but did not yet E-file it herself because her and her husband owes too much, so she is giving me a shot to find more deductions and lower her Tax Liability.


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