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I go back a while. started doing returns manually in the 80s.. went to a great little program, Parsons Personal Tax Edge, with ATX for business returns, never personal returns with ATX, from Parsons to Intuit ProSeries from 1997 forward.. my question is this.. ever since doing returns manually, to Parsons, To ProSeries, I always went down the 1040 and then tunneling down, quick zooming to the back up schedules, A, B, C, D, etc.

I know the 1040 is very different this year.  In ProSeries, I cannot navigate the old 1040 as I used to be able to do. I can pick from forms and schedules or follow the worksheets in ProSeries but the old 1040 is gone.  I know the old 1040 will not print out that way but I was hoping to in the program to navigate the old 1040 that way, a logical way I always found.

Has ATX removed the old 1040 from the 2018 program.. What do those that have taken a look at 2018 ATX think of the navigation of the 2018 return?  

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Jim, thing change I'm from the 80's also and I don't like this new form either.  This doesn't answer your question but we will master this new format in time.  On the Proseries community they have a thread on how to work with this new 1040.  What I do at this time of year is bring forward only my return and then work with it.  I'm figuring out how to work the new 1040 so I'll be ready for the influx of client later.  I don't know about ATX because I left in 2012 but I would think were all in the same boat this year.






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