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  1. Jim, thing change I'm from the 80's also and I don't like this new form either. This doesn't answer your question but we will master this new format in time. On the Proseries community they have a thread on how to work with this new 1040. What I do at this time of year is bring forward only my return and then work with it. I'm figuring out how to work the new 1040 so I'll be ready for the influx of client later. I don't know about ATX because I left in 2012 but I would think were all in the same boat this year.
  2. I'm in NY and usually 3 back years (14,15, 16, & 17) will do just fine. I tell my client let them ask us if they (IRS or NY) want more. I can't remember a case where they have come back asking for additional years. As Max W. says they just don't have the manpower.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I have located 2005 from a local preparer. I have my old XP laptop that I will install it on. So thanks for all the help. NY wants it. The client hasn't filed in 10 years. So they have figured his taxes for him and he owes quite a bit. First he has to get his paperwork in order and I'm not doing that for him, not my problem. I've done 2006 - 2016 for him but he has to find his 2005 W-2 or get it from somewhere. I'm not doing it for him.
  4. Anyone have a copy that I can borrow. I need to file for client 10 years of W-2 only returns. Yes, they are asking for them. I only go back to 2006. Idea's
  5. We do quite a few EITC returns. Do an engagement letter to cover concerns. It's on our letterhead and reads: Mr. Girard went over the questions on the Paid Preparer’s Income Credit Checklist Form 8867 with me for 2015. I had ample time to review the questions and to the best of my knowledge they are accurate. (Client Signature)____________________________________ (Date)_______________ I have read the above terms of the engagement letter and agree with the terms of this engagement. The engagement letter is 2 pages and this is at the end of the one for EITC clients.
  6. We do hourly appointments from 9 to 5 Monday to Saturday. With a 1 hour and 30 min. break for lunch. Give 1 hour to each client. Collect our fee at each appointment. We do 500 1040 returns during the normal tax season with no time for a second appointment. Our average return was $178. this year. Do another 100 after April 15th. We don't bill. That's why I can't mess around with should I provide my e-file summary page or not. I have to be ready now and not have a snag in late January. We only do 1040's. I feel that's where the money is.
  7. Got this, this morning: Your EFIN Documentation has been APPROVED It wasn't excessively frustrating and painful.
  8. Well, I got my efile summary page and ProSeries support team help me with it all. Just got it up loaded. I'm ready for the upcoming tax season. Why complain about it wasn't that hard. Dear August Girard, Your request for EFIN ### 399 has been submitted for review. Please allow 1 business day for our team to review and process your request. EFIN verification is an important security step to protect the integrity of your account, and your taxpayer data. Thank you, Intuit Customer Care
  9. If you do mostly Taxes like we do go to the ATX site and get what they recommend as the best to run thier program. That's what we do. Hope that helps.
  10. I was worried about this so I called ProSeries support to get the answer. I do have to provide EFIN verification to them before e-filing this year. They gave me detailed instruction on how to go about get the information I need. It comes down to going on to IRS e-servies and verifying information and then printing it out. Print out the EFIN Application Summary and submit it to ProSeries. They gave me the details on how to get it to them. I call the IRS at 1-866-255-0654 and they agreed that this has to be done this this year. The IRS agent helped me with the process.
  11. Don, we have the same, 4 Win10 and one XP Laptop. I'm using the XP Laptop for 2008 and older returns should they come in. Once in a Blue moon they do. So now you know what to do with it.
  12. I e-filed my first NY amended return today. Had a few problems doing it but Proseries support helped me work through.
  13. ATX is not Ultra Tax. The main reason not to switch is because of support. I sure Ultra Tax has great support as does ProSeries. ProSeries cost more but I break it down to cost per return in my case 4.00 per client. I keep that in mind. I don't think you will be satisfied with ATX. ATX doesn't run automatically as jklcpa says. Proseries does and you don't pay extra for it.
  14. We use Wincleaner, Norton Security and Malwarebytes. I bought all and renew each year. With 4 computers they are inexpensive when you purchase in a group.
  15. In my office we have 4 computer running windows 10. But we use ProSeries. I've done returns back to 2012 we no problems. I just went to the ATX site and they are recommending Windows 10 as the best computer for a new purchase. If I was buying a new one I think I would call them and get their recommendation on what to do.
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