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  1. I filed a 1040 tax return through Drake system on March 31, 2021 and I got "accepted" status back. Client still has not gotten his refund back so today I went to "Where is my refund" page of IRS and I have entered client's SS number, filing status and expected refund and IRS system is unable to locate the return. How do I go about locating this return. What are my options here. Thanks for your help in this matter. Naveen Mohan
  2. I am trying to input a 1099 MISC where I have social security number instead of an EIN for payer's TIN. How do I make system to accept it as a SS number. It keeps formatting to EIN format. Thanks for your help Naveen Mohan
  3. Has any body else has trouble in transferring MA Research credit to main MA 355 form. It appears Drake has changed the program on this topic from last year.other. Last year you used to compute credit on Schedule RC then on schedule CMS-1 you used to enter the amount you wanted to use in the current year and balance went to the back of Schdule RC. This year if you use CMS-1 you get efile error message that all research credit must be entered in schedule RC but if you do not use CMS-1 then error message goes away but along with that this year credit taken goes away too and dollar amount changes to the original amount. I tried reaching drake's MA programmer but email keep bouncing back and their regular rep has not been able to resolve it. I am not sure how else to resolve this problem. Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated. thanks Naveen Mohan
  4. I have a situation where wrong routing number was entered in 2019 Form 1040 tax return. The direct Deposit failed and IRS is mailing a paper check. Is there a way to rectify this error so that stimulus rebate check gets direct deposited. The reason I am concerned is because IRS is going to copy banking information from 2019 tax return for the direct deposit of stimulus rebate check. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  5. I am hoping to file my 1099 electronically this year. Long time ago I had setup for my TCC number. Today I tried to log in to my FIRE system. When I logged in, it asked me to change my password. I did that and then it asked me to change my ten digit pin. I simply do not remember what pin I had created when I created my TCC number. and there is no "Forgotten Pin" symbol in the FIRE system. What are my options here because the system also say that I cannot apply for a new TCC number. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  6. I have a Massachussetts C corporation that has a nexus presence in the state of Maryland but it has not had any sale in Maryland. Is it still required to file a Maryland corporation tax return. I never have encountered a situation like that before. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  7. I have a client who formed a LLC in New York State in August 2018 for the purpose of owning a commercial property and IRS as part of issuing an EIN by default assigned it as a partnership. However there is only one member in this LLC and no body did anything to inform IRS that it is a disregarded entity. This is the first year for this LLC. Can I simply file a schedule E or do I have to do anything different to advise IRS that it is a disregarded entity and not really a partnership. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  8. I have just tried efiling my first S corporation tax return but Drake system gave error code 0014 QBI adjustment required and the message said: The adjustment will be made available in the software early January. It is recommended the return not be filed until all QBI adjustment are reported. I am confused because Drake also said that they have started accepting business return on January 8, 2019. I called Drake customer support and all rep said that Drake is still working on the issues but she could not give me any timeline. Has anybody else run into this problem. If so how did you get around it and what type of business return are going though the system right now? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  9. I am doing a 1120S deduction and I cannot find a place in drake software where to enter QBI information for K-1. A poster in ATX said that it should go in code 17 V,W,X,Y,Z. I cannot seem to see those field when I open K-1 sheet. I see the tab for K-1, overrides, Basis WKS and Supp Info but no place where I see code 17 or a place to put wages subject to 199A? How do I complete this K-1 for QBI Information. thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  10. I am trying to do Drake practice return efile but I cannot seem to get rid of red x under efile. I am getting message: ALTERNATIVE E-SiGNATURE MISSING: You are not set up to sign electronic returns using the 8879 or Alternative E-Signature. However I have gone to Setup>Preparer screen and in the Return Signature option. I have entered my five-digit pin and I have first checked Alternative E-signature then I tried checking 8879 box and finally I tried checking both boxes but I still keep getting the same message. I am not sure what am I doing wrong here. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  11. This is going to be my very first year with Drake. Igot stuck in loading drake program in my new window 10 computer and I called Drake and asked if they could access my compute through Team viewer to help me understand what am I doing wrong. The customer service rep said that Drake does not provide that service. I am curious because ATX did provide that service and when I used intuit, intuit also routinely offered to access my computer to see what I was doing wrong. Is it case of miscommunication? If not how do you resolve problems with Drake when you cannot figure out what you are doing wrong? Thanks for your help Naveen Mohan
  12. Normally upto $ 250,000 gain on the sale of primary residence is exempt and not even reported in a tax return. I have a client whose 83 years mother sold a trailer in Kentucky for $ 80,000 but the lawyer handling the transaction has issued a 1099 for this sale.. Normally she is exempt from filing a tax return because all she has is social security income. How do I handle it. Should I file a tax return for her. If so show do I report this on schedule D? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  13. I have just purchased a Dell desktop with Window10 professional. This evening I tried to load Drake18 program. Window10 will not let me install it. The following message came up. The program downloaded OK but when I tried to install it is saying that this app can't run on your PC. To find a version for your PC check with your publisher. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  14. I just bought a dell dimension desktop with window10 professional and I have discovered that my old Fujitsu Scansnap S510 scanner is mot compatible with Window10professional and Fujitsu does not support that old scanner. I am wondering if someone could point me to a budget friendly multifeed scanner that can convert my documents to PDF. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  15. I am thinking of buying a new desktop but I am not very knowledgeable in computer hardware. I am a one man shop in upstate NY and I do just about 25o returns. I have narrowed my search to two desktop at Costco and I am wondering if somebody can help me to figure out which desktop to go for. I am hoping to get few years out of new Purchase: HP ENvy 795 This was highest rated in consumer reports. It has 256 GB SSD + 1TB hard drive 32 GB RAM, icore7-4 GB Graphic Window 10 home and it is on sale for $ 1,099.99. DELL XPS 8930 Tower It has Core I7- 8700K GE Force GTX-1080. 512 GB SSD Drive +2 TB hard Drive 16 GB Ram, Window 10 professional, Blue Ray Writer and it is selling for $ 1,699.99. My problem is I donot understand computer hardware. so If somebody could help me decide I will really appreciate it. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan costco desktop computer comparison.pdf
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