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  1. Naveen Mohan from New York

    tech Chat support

    I have just purchased my Drake software along with Drake 2018 accounting. I am trying to set it up and I am wondering if Drake offer Chat support with their tech like ATX has. I thought somewhere I saw the existence of chat support with Drake Tech department but I cannot seem to locate the web link for it. If any one of you could point me to the right link. I would appreciate it. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  2. Naveen Mohan from New York

    Late Filing of Form 2553

    I have a client who was a C corporation upto 12/31/2016 and he wanted to become an S corporation effective 01/01/2017. However he has just advised me that he never got around filing his form 2553 and he will not be have his tax data ready until September. He wants me to take care of his Sub chapter S classification now if possible. The question I have is: This is going to be his first 1120 S return. Should I simply include his form 2553 with his return in September or should I file his paperwork now under Revenue procedure 2013-30 and include the all accompanying paperwork from each shareholder? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  3. Naveen Mohan from New York

    ATX Max and Drake

    I have used ATX Max for the last 20 years but for the upcoming tax season, I plan to buy both ATX Max and Drake. I know I ca ask ATX related questions in this group. I am wondering if Drake has a similar group where I can ask Drake related questions or the questions that pertain to both ATX and Drake. Thanks Naveen Mohan
  4. Naveen Mohan from New York

    ATX MAX Program Error

    I think I have localized y problem. It appears that I have a corrupted copy of Fixed asset and 4562 form on my ATX Max. Is thee a way for me to get a clean copy of fixed asset/4562 to my computer. I went to myatx.com. I see the link for pATX program and ATX program update but I do not see a link where I can update an individual form to my computer. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  5. Naveen Mohan from New York

    ATX MAX Program Error

    I keep getting the message "Program has encountered an unexpected error and need to close" I have closed it several time and restarted the program. I have shut down the window and restarted the window but I am still getting the message. Any idea what is causing this problem and how to get around it. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  6. Naveen Mohan from New York

    E Filing W-2 & 1099

    Does anybody know when ATX will start accepting W-2 and 1099 efiling. Thanks Naveen Mohan
  7. Naveen Mohan from New York

    ATX Download issue

    Today I got an email from my customer service rep giving me my install code for ATX Max Package and Payroll Compliance Reporting. I went to solution center to download 2017 program and the message came back that we are unable to locate any order for this product from you. Please call our sales department to purchase/renew your product. However when I click at my products my purchase and install code are showing there. I did purchase it last may. What is confusing is that one tab is saying yes. I have purchase and here is the install code and the second tab on the same page is saying we cannot locate your order. How do I resolve this issue? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  8. Naveen Mohan from New York

    American Opportunity Credit for International Student

    I have been asked the following question and I do not know the answer: Taxpayer is an international student on F-1 Visa. She has no taxable income to report in 2017. However she has spent money on tuition for her undergraduate degree. She wants to know if she can file a tax return with zero income but get refundable portion of Hope credit. I have looked over the requirements for Hope Credit and citizenship is not a condition for it. My question is "Is it legal for her to get refundable portion of hope credit in this case? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  9. Naveen Mohan from New York

    college trust fund question

    My daughter got married last July and I would like to setup a college education trust fund for my future grand kids. I am nearing retirement so I want to do it while I can still put together fund rather than wait till I actually have grand children. I have no idea where to start. How do I go about setting this up when I do not even have grand kids yet? Thanks for your help Naveen Mohan
  10. Naveen Mohan from New York

    Taxability of capital gainon disposition of a business assett

    It is due to recapture of depreciation and it is flowing though form 4797. What I am wondering is that since the truck was repossessed and balance due was included inhis chapter 13 bankruptcy, is he still liable for this tax on recapture?
  11. I have a client who used his Ford F-150 truck in his plumbing business. He is a DBA and he has been filing Schedule C. In 2016 he surrendered this truck to the lender as part of his chapter 13 bankruptc0y and $ 6,000 of remaining debt was discharged as part of bankruptcy. I understand that he does not have to pay tax on debts that were discharged in bankruptcy but how about capital gain on disposition of a business asset. ATX program is calculating on Form 4797 capital gain under section 1245. Is he liable for tax on this section 1245 capital gain. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan .
  12. Naveen Mohan from New York

    2013 ATX Payroll program install

    I have tried to load older program into my computer because I got a new client. I was able to load 2001-2016 ATX program without any problem and I loaded 2012014-2016 ATX payroll program but when I tried to install ATX 2013 payroll program, my computer will not let me install it. The message coming out is "You cannot install this type of App" This is not even an app. It is a tax program. I have Window 8.1. Is there a way to get around this? Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan
  13. Naveen Mohan from New York

    Wrong Lien placement

    To further compound the problem is the fact that IRS has sent Lien notice to the wrong county. My zip code Straddle two county. Rensselaer County and Washington County. Our post office is in the Rensselaer County but my house is across the River in Washington County. IRS lien notice carry my house address but their lien notice is address to Rensselaer County so I am not even sure where to begin my work.
  14. Naveen Mohan from New York

    New York Personal Family Leave Deduction

    This is for New York State preparers in this board. New York State is requiring an employee funded Family Personal Leave deduction form the payroll but there are no guidelines what to do with the money that is being withheld from Employee paychecks. Most confusing part is on one hand they have labeled it voluntary post tax voluntary deduction like medical insurance deduction and on the other hand they are saying all full time and part time employees are required to join. They are calling it similar to Mandatory New York Disability insurance deduction but no where in the instruction it says whether an employer is required to purchase this type of insurance and where do you go about buying this type of insurance. This is supposed to start effective today. Has anybody in this board come across this and how are you handling it. thanks Naveen Mohan
  15. Naveen Mohan from New York

    Wrong Lien placement

    I have run into a problem and I do not know how to take care of it. I have let a client use my mailing address for his government correspondence because he claimed his staff keep losing the mail. He got audited last year and he owes $ 60,000 in back tax, interest and penalties which he has not paid yet. Today I got a certified letter from IRS placing lien on MY house because my house address was his mailing address in this instance. I have tried calling the phone number on the IRS letter but IRS system put me on hold. I was on hold for 40 minutes and nothing happened. How do I get IRS to remove lien on my house since I am not the responsible party in this case. Thanks for your help. Naveen Mohan