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Anyone else not looking forward to tax season?

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42 minutes ago, BulldogTom said:

I wish I could charge $500 for each client.    Just does not work with my clients.

Well it doesn't work with *my* clients, either.  But they think they're getting a HUGE deal and thank me if they see a $500 charge and a $450 credit - where they might fuss about an extra $50 charge.

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On 1/8/2019 at 12:19 PM, Gail in Virginia said:

I am still waiting for the state of Virginia to decide how they are going to handle the federal changes and whether it will affect the tax returns for 2018.  So even if we can file federal by the end of January, I doubt we will be able to file state returns.

I'm in Va Beach, and do a lot of VA/NC returns. Last week, VA was still in Gen Assembly deciding whether or not to allow a stand-alone Sch A for the state. Haven't checked to see if NC has allowed itemizing when the standard is taken on the federal. Maybe we should start a leg with state updates. I sure hope they decide soon. 

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