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To quote one poster:

Click on the "Quote" in that other post and it will automatically be added to the very top of a new dialog box. If allowing a new dialog box to open automatically, you will not be able to add your own comments above the quote.

Alternately, if a dialog box is already open, adding a blank line before the quote is accomplished by pressing enter so that the cursor moves down the page.

If you want to add a quote anywhere in your existing post that already contains text, clicking on the "+" of the other poster will insert the quote at the current position of the cursor.

After quoting someone, and if you are adding your own commentary, please be sure that the cursor is located outside of the quote box, otherwise your commentary will seem to appear as if the other person made your comments as well.


To include multiple quotes in one post:

Toward the bottom left of each post is a "+" sign shown here:


Click on the "+" for each poster that you wish to quote. Here, I've clicked on 3 separate posts, and a box will appear toward the lower right of your screen.  To include these, simply click on the box that says "Quote 3 posts" and all of the quotes will appear in a new dialog box that will open automatically. That box looks like this:


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