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New scam targeting professional licensees

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Here's a new scam targeting professional licensees. It is being done by telephone, and the scammer is able spoof caller i.d. to project the actual state agency to make them appear to be legitimate.  In an abundance of caution, the State of DE Division of Professional Regulation sent out a mass email to all its licensees describing the scam in more detail.  So far here in my state, the reported cases have all involved those licensed in the field of health care.

I doubt anyone here would fall for such a call, but I'm sharing to make you all aware in case any of your clients falls victim to this and because I'm sure this isn't limited to only my small state. 

Here's an excerpt from the email that describes this in more detail:


Dear Licensee,

                We have received communications from licensees recently regarding a scam being perpetrated.  Currently, this scam has only been attempted on licensed health care practitioners.  In an abundance of caution, I am sending this communication to all licensees.

                This scam is initiated with a phone call.  The callers are able to project a valid Division of Professional Regulation phone number on the caller id of the perspective victim.  The caller states that they are a law enforcement agency or a representative of the Board.  In the scenario, the scammer says they represent law enforcement, the scammer advises the victim that they are a suspect in some sort of investigation.  They will ask the victim to wire money to avoid having an arrest warrant issued.

                In another scenario the scammer tells the potential victim that they are from the Board, they advise the victim that their professional license has been either suspended or revoked.  They then tell the victim that they must pay a fine over the phone either by wiring money, or using a credit card to avoid further penalty or action against their license.

                These scammers appear to be very organized and very convincing.  They use strong language, make very serious threats, and get increasingly hostile as the call progresses. The scammers do research and are able to obtain information about their targets, such as license, NPI and DEA numbers, prior to initiating the call.


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