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CA form FTB3853


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I need help filling in this form. I cannot find a way to get rid of error unless I check wrong boxes based on form instructions.

I cannot find a way to complete this form when some household members haver health insurance and some don't. It asks for exception certificate even for members with MEC.

Any suggestions how to complete this form properyl?


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We have struggled with this form as well.   I did not have the situation you describe, just a part-year not covered and it took a long time to get the input correct.   I did it by hand from the instructions and then did the input in the software and I got the form completed with no red errors.   I suggest you try that and see if it helps.   Otherwise support is probably your best option.

Modesto, CA

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I have also struggled with this form.  With Drake they have a way to input each household member the same way the Federal did when the penalty was charged.  Even so you have to go thru all the hoops and end the end the client's I have that was affected by it, had low enough income it wasn't assessed.  I still had to go thru the motions.  Not really liking California this year!

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