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W2 with Aflac deductions


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Client uses Quickbooks.  Deductions set up for pre-tax AFLAC Accident Ins, Pre-Tax AFLAC Cancer Ins, and after-tax Disability insurance.  Also FSA.  

W2 excludes FSA from boxes 1, 3, and 5.  Fine.  Includes disability ins in both.  Fine.  The issue I'm struggling with is that the W2 adds the Pre-tax AFLAC Cancer Ins and Accident Ins to Box 1 but not box 3 and box 5.  Is this accurate?  I might need to go back to 'payroll school'.  I would think it was either all in or all out (for boxes 1, 3, and 5).

Thanks much.

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7 minutes ago, cbslee said:

Do you prepare and file their quarterly and annual payroll reports for your client or does your client do their own?

I don't prepare it, but it's my Church, so I'd like to get them sorted out on doing it correctly going forward if possible.

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