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Death of MFS Client


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I prepared a return this year for a guy that was separated from his wife for two years. She filed HOH and he filed MFS. He passed away unexpectedly and she is trying to get a copy of his tax return from me through his family.Will she need to be declared his personal representative? I do know that she is not my client and I will need something before I will produce anything or even admit that I prepared the return. I don't know if she or her attorney are able to use a 4506-T. Does she count as surviving spouse, since they were still married? Tax season has barely started and I'm already grumpy.

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11 hours ago, Slippery Pencil said:

You'll need to wait until an executor or personal rep is appointed and then deal with that person.  She is the surviving spouse, but I'm not sure how that matters to you.  Some of the same questions are dealt with in this current thread


I had read this thread, but I was trying to reassure myself, that since they were married, did not mean that she was entitled to his information.


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