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Printed return with Federal Client Letter, with Federal Estimates, State Client Letter and State Estimates combined.  Client wants to pay estimates via Direct Debit.  On the State Estimated Letter it says: There is no payment due for the 1st through 4th installments.  Yet coupons are attached with payments and on the E-file tab all looks correct.  Changing to mail option, the State Client Estimated letter is correctly spelled out.  Federal estimates print correctly with Direct Debit: The first payment in the amount of $XXXX is due on April 18, 2023 (electronic payment). Is there a check box somewhere that I am missing for State?

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I have had more problems with the letters this year than ever before. If I check they are paying over the internet, the letter says they are paying by installment agreement. Payment or refund amounts don’t show. 
I would just check the mail payments. 

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