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    Dan is gone, there is now only OLTPRO. Found this out after I paid to renew and never received a link. I am disputing the charge with my CC. OLT would not match the price so it cost me $100 more. This will likely be my last year doing taxes and I never had enough returns to justify more expensive returns.
  2. I cant tell you how many T/P want to deduct cloths, sales people especially want to deduct their suits, I keep a copy of the requirements handy to show them. I love when they say I would only wear a suit to a wedding it wouldn't replace my regular cloths. lol I highlight this from pub.529 " However, work clothing consisting of white cap, white shirt or white jacket, white bib overalls, and standard work shoes, which a painter is required by his union to wear on the job, isn't distinctive in character or in the nature of a uniform. Similarly, the costs of buying and maintaining blue work clothes worn by a welder at the request of a foreman aren't deductible."
  3. Program will NOT calculate NY-CITY TAX

    I know now, but there is a popup question that's ask if they are subject to NYC tax and I indicated yes as a non resident, so I assumed (Big mistake) that is would do the calculation
  4. I have several T/P who were part year residence of NYC and worked in NYC all year. The program will NOT calculate the city tax and I have T/P calling because they got letters. Anyone do a NYC return
  5. State Extensions Rant

    I'll be holding my breath for the rest of the year, hoping I don't get call from T/P's saying......... because the program messed up
  6. Anyone do a PA return

    I think I'm having problems with PA return. I'm in NJ and TP received some PA W-2 earnings, the earnings are not carrying to line 1a. It is on the Sch w-2s and says to copy amount to line 1a. BUT IT"S NOT THERE.
  7. OK, I have a sch. C T/P that has 1099-misc's from 5 states, so what I did was enter each 1099-MISC on the schedule indicating the state thinking, well, Hoping it would divide the income up. Well it didn't. Tried to go to the state return and add the proportion of income belonging to that state but that IS NOT POSSIBLE to do. Any ideas?

    OMG. It's too late in the season for this. I have a schedule C T/P lives in NJ worked in PA,VA,NY,MD,DC and NJ and has W-2 showing total earnings of $10,465 divided up in 6 states Having problems with PA return, not sure if it's my program or me or both. W-2 income box 1 $10,645 shows state PA of $4,950 His Schedule C income is $33,590 His PA 40 shows the sch. C NJ income of $33,590 on line 11 and tax on that amount of $1,031 and a tax forgiveness of $309 leveeing a tax due of $570 Why is it calculating tax on his Sch. C? NY uses a formula and it easy to follow but something about this doesn't seem right. Thanks
  9. What is this? Is it legal?

    AGREE, defrauding Medicaid is serious.
  10. Pacun. I will not charge them, I want nothing to do with their return. What makes me mad is to many people want their tax prepare to "Use the numbers from last year". Well I'm not putting down $11,000 in med expenses unless they tell me they actually had $11,000 in medical expenses. They want us to not only make things up for them but they want us to do it for less money then anyone else. I SICK OF PEOPLE, that's all
  11. OK, I'll call them at 9am tomorrow and ask if they got their medical expenses added up and point out last year they paid $0 in taxes because I doubt they ever even looked at the return dad did. Then I'll put the fear of the IRS in them
  12. I'll bet you one also. If they had medical expenses or any other expenses to add they'd do it over the phone. After years of paying $0 in income taxes any tax bill is going to be hard for them to swallow.
  13. I only have last years copy of their prior returns and last year dad made it so they paid $0 income tax and I suspect it's been that way for years. It just makes me so mad that I did the work, pointed out what dad did and asked if there was information I did not have. They'll get their papers back BUT NOT over the weekend and NOT before 9am or after 6pm
  14. OK, I had a couple who's 90 something year old father had been doing their returns for years. Well he's to old anymore so they came to me. Well dad MADE STUFF UP to get them a refund, like $11,000 in medical. I didn't see anything about medical bills in their file so I called and pointed out they had very high med. bills last year and the husband said t,hat was creativity on part of his father in law. The woman also had a $10,000 pension with code 2 in box 7 (yearly withdrawal exemption) but he showed it exempt period. Net effect $11,000 less deductions plus $10,000 more income is $21,000 more in taxable income hence a tax bill. Wife calls and ask how they can owe money, I explained the above, she says she has medical bills, I tell her to add them up and let me know what they are, she says ok. A week does buy and nothing, so I call and leave a voice mail asking if they added up the medical expenses. A few days later I get a voice mail asking if they cane come by tomorrow. HUM, no mention of expenses. So I'm thinking they just want their stuff back and are going to go back to dad, after all he get's them a refund. QUESTION. I finished their return, I did the work. Would you still bill them.?
  15. Top this price.

    It's all marketing, there will be all kinds of crazy charges added, trust me. Mt husband is a electrical contractor and other guys are always advertising crazy cheap lighting etc. it's a scam, oh lights ness switches NOT included, oh there's not a existing light box, EXTRA, mam you have serious electrical problems.......