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  1. Our use of our smart phones for financial transactions has become a serious weak point. Hackers have now created methods of attacking smart phones which do not require you to click on anything. I have a smart phone, which I use for phone calls, texting and as a camera. I do not have any apps linking me to my bank, broker or my retirement accounts. I only use my desktop or my chromebook for those accounts.
  2. The overall combination of hardware and software that makes the internet function is very complex and convoluted. There are so many access points that hackers can attack that's it's not a question of if, but a question when. All we can do is follow good security practices and limit our risk. Actually, our best defense is we are individually small potatoes.
  3. Excellent question, however you don't have enough information to evaluate the level of risk, which is one of the key factors when deciding whether to notify clients.
  4. What, I have to read every post here. I guess age is catching up with me. My metal acuity seems to failing. Sorry, I didn't realize it as the exact same topic.
  5. According to the following article in Tax Pro Today, the IRS has announced corrections to Schedule D Worksheet Instructions as of May 16th: https://www.taxprotoday.com/news/irs-fixes-schedule-d-worksheet-that-miscalculated-capital-gains-taxes?feed=00000158-3f5d-dcbd-abf8-ff7f12270000 If your Tax Software followed the prior incorrect worksheet instructions, clients with certain Capital Gain scenarios may have paid more capt\ital gains tax than they really owed! The IRS says they will review the tax returns affected and make corrections ??? The only way I can see using out tax software to analyze the potential changes would be to make a copy of the return and recalculate once our software has updated the corrected Schedule D worksheet calculations ? Just when I was relaxing into my offseason routine
  6. cbslee

    Extra asset

    Exactly. plus when it's a positive adjustment you get a four year forward spread.
  7. Are you able to connect to other internet sites ? You may need to reboot both your computer and your router/modem.
  8. Oregon does not have any sales taxes. However, it does have state income taxes with the following brackets, 5%, 7%, 9% and 9.9%. This bill actually reduces the brackets a bit to 4.75%, 6.75%, 8.75%. The 9.9% bracket is not reduced.
  9. Putting it on Schedule C may not work since the business doesn't exist any more. More likely it qualifies as Investment Interest, which may or may not be useful given the increased standard deduction. The only other possibility is a capital loss deduction.
  10. If it was an unknown strain, which was undetectable, how would they even know whether any data was lost ? It's not like someone stole the crown jewels. The data doesn't disappear, the hacker just leaves with a copy of the data.
  11. Oregon has just passed a Gross Receipts Tax of 0.57 % (57 hundreths of 1 per cent ) on all sales within the state in excess of 1 Million Dollars. The Taxable Sales will be arrived at by subtracting the greater of 35 % of wages or 35 % of COGS. More work for me and higher fees for my larger clients.
  12. This is a link to an article in Accounting Today about Bloomberg's Annual State Nexus Survey: https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/states-moving-fast-on-economic-nexus-standards?utm_campaign=tax practice-may 16 2019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&eid=764f28717505916a3f00039c8623c5ba I copied this paragraph because I never imagined that landing a company airplane in a state would constitute nexus ! "For the first time, the survey asked whether an employee flying into the state on a company airplane for business purposes would create nexus. “Twenty-five states said that this activity creates nexus for the corporation,” said Boeckel. “The answers were the same regardless of the number of flights — one to four versus five or more — into the state."
  13. What, I have to check the dates on these articles, that's too much work
  14. Not so fast, according to this technet post from Microsoft, they have released patches for both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/msrc/2017/05/12/customer-guidance-for-wannacrypt-attacks/?utm_source=t.co&utm_medium=referral
  15. Here is a link to an article in Accounting Today that highlights the specific procedures which need to be followed : https://www.accountingtoday.com/news/irs-offers-guidance-to-wolters-kluwer-users-on-tax-extensions-after-cch-outage
  16. Not only with their customers but also internally ! Before I left ATX, I had the same sales rep for about 6 years. The last time I talked to him, I had a very frank discussion about the reasons I was leaving. He was pretty upfront about what was going on within the ATX organization and he was pretty frustrated about the unresponsiveness of upper management !
  17. The classification of the excavation costs depends on the functional intent and usage. If the excavation was required to provide a sound footing for the Ice Cream Stand and to bring in the plumbing and electrical then it's clearly part of leasehold improvements.
  18. Medlin does not efile Forms 94x.
  19. I used Drake Accounting for 2018 "on the fly" W-2s and 4th quarter 2018 Form 94x. It was acceptable but slow and quirky. After tax season was over, I spent most of 3 days trying to get ATF and Live Payroll up and running. I ran into several serious problems related to Oregon Payroll taxes. Drake Accounting Support answered the phone quickly and were friendly. However, their knowledge or Oregon Payroll was very limited. I explained in detail 3 or 4 times what the problems were and was told they would pass on my comments The problems still haven't been fixed and no one has contacted me. My conclusion is Drake Accounting Support has room for a lot of improvement. I do not recommend Drake Accounting to be used for any Live or ATF Payroll applications. The "Fill in the Form" applications are OK for limited use. Instead, I have switched over to Medlin Professional Payroll in far less time with excellent support. Actually I am very pleased with Medlin's Payroll Software and highly recommend it !
  20. cbslee

    ATX Renewal

    It seems to me that the texting of a onetime 8 digit mixed number and letter password would be sufficient ! Having their app on my smart phone just creates another weak point especially since security on smart phones basically sucks !
  21. Prior to my leaving ATX, they did ,because they offered backup copies of all our efiled returns for $ 99.00. I definitely remember ATX doing that for 2016 & 2015 tax returns and possibly 2014.
  22. An interesting question, since you do have the option to paper file ?
  23. cbslee

    ATX Renewal

    You can add Drake Accounting for an additional $100, which does do 1099s. However for this tax season Drake did not do bulk efiling of 1099s like ATX Payroll Compliance. You needed to have a TCC code to submit your 1099s to the FIRE system. Supposedly bulk efiling of the 94x s and 1099s for next tax season is under active consideration.
  24. Specifically, the law allows the IRS 10 years to collect the SRP, however it does not allow late payment penalties, liens, levies or criminal penalties.
  25. My understanding is a bit different. The tax is billed and any refunds will be used to offset the tax owed. I think it was a decision at the Treasury Department level, to not actively pursue collection.
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