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  1. cbslee

    Efiling 1099 NEC

    Are all the error messages the same and what are they?
  2. cbslee

    Drake Web

    I thought about it before but now that Drake has doubled the monthly hosting fee, the cost definitely exceeds any benefits.
  3. After using BSO for many many years, the new system doesn't recognize me anymore. Even after entering my Name, SSN and DOB, BSO won't even send me a temporary password. I even got through on 1 800 after waiting about 20 minutes which was of no help. I was told to paper file my client's W 2s. I hope I never have another month like this again!
  4. That's a touchy situation. Do you have a good relationship with any of the children? I have several still active business clients who are now in their seventies. They seem to be getting a bit more forgetful. What I do is make an effort to present things as clearly as possible. Then I follow up with a detailed step by step email. However these are all Write Up/Payroll clients that I deal with on a monthly basis.
  5. "An unmarried father does not have legal rights to custody or visitation." In most states unmarried fathers do not have these legal rights. I don't think this has anything to do with claiming dependency.
  6. I don't know of any way trace a payment made by the IRS.
  7. Yes there was thread discussing this, last month I think.
  8. If you are trying to keep the cost down, large capacity thumb drives on sale are very inexpensive. You just have to develop a regimen and follow it.
  9. If the IRS records say my client received their stimulus rebate and my client says they didn't receive the rebate, how do you prove a negative?
  10. Unfortunately, given the number of dishonest preparers, scammers and identity thieves out there, this will never happen.
  11. A number of years ago before I started efiling 1099s, I printed and mailed in black & white 1099s on plain paper. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I never have had a problem.
  12. cbslee


    I have been seeing articles on different tech sites for at least 6 months that hackers have become very adept at intercepting 2FA codes & passwords. So much so that the tech industry is now planning to abandon 2FA & MFA.
  13. I have been an accountant for 45 years and I have never seen this happen and if I was involved to the point where I had some input I wouldn't let it happen. This situation is such a tangled mess I would walk away.
  14. Passive Income or full disposition of the related property. Also passive losses don't vanish upon death.
  15. cbslee


    Drake offers it, but I opt out, since I am a one person office.
  16. I make a donation to OPB every year and I usually choose to receive a CD which is usually an expanded version of a program previously broadcast on PBS. I have noticed that the CD usually has a value of $19.95 placed on it. What if instead of mailing me a CD, they emailed me a link to what was previously sent out on a CD. Does that still have a value of $ 19.95?
  17. The additional information you provided confirms that this is an expense.
  18. This really falls in a murky gray area. It doesn't meet the requirements to be called"Qualified Improvement Property." I would argue it's a repair and expense it. 1. It does not prolong the property's life, a fully depreciated building. 2. It doesn't really add value to a fully depreciated building, no one evaluates water shutoff valves, they either work or they don't work. 3. All it really does is keep the property in good operating condition. Therefore it's an expense. Sometimes we get hung up on the details when we need take a step back and look at the bigger picture.
  19. "As a reminder, once you become an Authorized IRS e-file Provider and receive your Electronic Filling Identification Number (EFIN), you must abide by the policies and procedures in Publication 3112, IRS e-file Application and Participation, and Publication 1345, Handbook for Authorized IRS e-file Providers of Individual Income Tax Returns. Providers must protect their EFINs and passwords from unauthorized use and never share them. This includes accepting payment for the use of an EFIN (e.g. renting/ leasing/purchasing) and/or transferring EFINs to another entity when transferring the business by sale, gift or other disposition. In addition, if you resell software you cannot include the EFIN. An Electronic Return Originator (ERO) must originate the electronic submission of only returns that the ERO either prepared or collected from a taxpayer."
  20. cbslee


    I would only consider a shred on site service or a carry in site where I could observe the shredding. Currently I am on my third office shredder. Once I upgraded to a heavy duty 20 page shredder, it's lasted for years now.
  21. The 3 Million unprocessed business returns included 2 Million unprocessed Form 941 & Form 941 X returns. I have a client with an unresolved overpayment on their 2020 4th quarter 941. I have been waiting to see if the IRS will refund the overpayment, no communication yet. I have wondering how much longer I should wait before I file a 941 X, even though it would probably take a long for my client to get their refund.
  22. As of last week, the unprocessed personal tax returns included 2.3 Million Form 1040 X amended returns.
  23. cbslee

    Annual Pain

    Just finished preparing 102 Form 1095 Cs and mailing them off to the IRS. Definitely my most "pain in the butt" task of all year!
  24. In my community, the pipe up to the meter plus the meter belongs to the utility.
  25. I am the opposite I am accepting business clients and not taking personal tax return clients
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