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  1. Uncle had niece covered under marketplace. She is not his dependent and files her own return. I allocated 100 percent to the uncle of the policy, but ATX is still showing that she receives a PTC of 97 dollars. Can that be right?
  2. I switched to Santa Barbara TPG bank this year. I'm still learning the ins and outs. I printed a refund check this afternoon, but my ATX program software isn't showing that the check has been printed. It's showing on the ATX website that it has been printed, but the software program doesn't give confirmation. I printed the check through the ATX software by clicking the print check button to go to the ATX website. TIA
  3. thank you so much! I did the same thing, didn't round up the federal wages on first and used that dollar on the second
  4. I had thought of this also. To file the w-2 with wages reflecting state wages. I was concerned that the w-2s wouldn't match up once the irs received it and delay processing. There isn't a city portion reflected on the w-2s for me to deal with thank goodness
  5. Client received 3 W-2s. One had wages and two state taxes, the other two were blank with 2 and 1 state taxes. The software only allows for 4 states per w-2. It also brings up a red error, if I try to fill out a blank w-2 with zeros and state withholding. Any ideas thoughts would be helpful Thank you. P.S. last resort would be to paper file?
  6. Anyone else not receiving check refunds/disbursements from Refund Advantage? Not sure where to post this.
  7. Thanks but the line only takes me to Seller financed "mortgage" interest, and that isn't correct since this was a personal loan. I decided to just delete the SCH B (total is under $1500 and override line 8 on the front of 1040. Don't know if this is correct, but the software doesn't give a red error message and client will report the correct amount of taxable interest income. What do you think?
  8. Using ATX software and unable to add interest on SCH B. My client loaned money to three different people and wants to add the interest to SCH B, but I'm not seeing a way to add a record without a 1099 form. Would anyone point me in the right direction? P.S. Tried overriding the 1040 to show added interest, for a total $1323. But receive error when Taxable Interest is greater than $1500, then it must match what is on SCH B
  9. unzuetay

    Two 1095-As

    Interested in how you adjusted for October B column, did you prorate the month?
  10. I don't know if it's normal or not, but it happened to me too this year when e-filing 2014 :/
  11. Using ATX for the past few years, I've noticed some things come up that seem to be bugs or things that I would like to see implemented in future software releases. Is there a certain place to submit feedback, i.e. specific board, twitter? For example I would like to suggest that the program show a warning when paper check is checked and bank numbers entered for a return. If anyone would help I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  12. I have a return that I figured the Marketplace Coverage Worksheet for and then after putting the Bronze and SLCSP amounts, Line 12 in the worksheet says that their required contribution for is $0 does this mean that they do not owe a penalty and are exempt? Or do I need to fill out the Shared Responsibility Payment worksheet? Any help would be very much appreciated, thank you
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