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  1. Thank you so very much. I still have people finding me for taxes but I usually block them. How do I tell them that I don't love them anymore? I moved, changed my numbers and they still find me. Karen
  2. I am retired now but still do my own tax return. I am in need of a fixed asset manager for my own stuff. Cost is a consideration since it is only for myself. What do you recommend? DO NOT MISS WORKING!!! Thanks Karen
  3. Here I am. Just checking in. I do not miss working. My mother passed in May 2015. I have moved away from Morton, WA to Tacoma, WA and will be moving again to Cle Elum, WA in the next 60 days. Have 8 Norwegian Fjord horses, 80 chickens, 2 dogs and 1 cat. We are into snow sports so Cle Elum is perfect plus the weather is a lot drier and the bones will feel better. I am looking for a stand alone fixed asset manager for personal use. What do you recommend? Since this is only for me, cost is a factor.
  4. walked away 4/30/15...........collecting social security now
  5. I have one on my desk in that same position and I am totally confused. Below 100% of poverty level and having to payback APTC. I am obviously missing something. Karen
  6. Being from the land of no state income tax... I have searched the Utah state website and can't find the answer. I called and the automated answering system said there weren't enough people to handle the call volume and to call back later. REALLY!!! Thanks for the help. Karen
  7. Client forms an LLC but does not file an SS-4. Client does not have papers of organization just filled out state application. Client has contracting business but the LLC is only for the "rentals". Client states that they will be treated as sole proprietor (disregarded entity) for the LLC. I don't believe they have filed a new business application for a UBI for the LLC. Does an SS4 have to be filed for the LLC? The LLC paperwork was filed in late 2014 but the client doesn't want it to be effective until 2015. Can the filing for LLC business be put "on hold" until the client "feel
  8. Taxpayer and Spouse had all year coverage through Taxpayer employer. Spouse's daughter and granddaughter live with taxpayer and spouse. Daughter and granddaughter had full year coverage through the exchange at zero dollars (medicaid). Daughter and granddaughter lived with them all year. Tax family all had coverage all year. Check box 61. Use daughter and granddaughter as dependents. No more to be done however a 1095-A will be issued for daughter and granddaughter. Daughter has no filing requirement. EIC not an issue. Will taxpayer's income affect healthcare benefits for daughte
  9. I have been doing that Tom. I keep getting "What am I going to do?" and they get really upset when I say "I don't care". I am moving to so I won't even run into them at the store. HEE HEE Still would like to see something in writing about the W-2 in my hands prior to preparation. Karen
  10. This is the last season for me and I am not sure I am going to make it through the whole season. I cannot find a cite that states we have to use the W-2 for preparation and not the last pay stub but I know we have to. I have a client that has made an appt. called 7 times and even had her MIL call then the last call was...I don't have husband's W-2 but we can use his last pay stub. Sorry....make another appt after you have the W-2. She makes an appt for Monday but doesn't have the W-2 yet...really? Please tell me where to get the cite so I can include it in her packet to take home.
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