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  1. Question: How large can PDF files be in order to e-file them? When I created the PDF file is said, "The file is large and my slow or prevent success e-file transmission." I see from ATX info that ATX allows attachments up to 256 K. My PDF for one State has 504 KB and the other State has 1370 KB. I have tried to find what K stands for. If K means Kilobit, than I am way over the amount allowed because 256 Kilobit would only be 32 KB. Thus would not be able to e-file the two State returns because of the question above. Question: What does K stand for if I haven't mentioned the right one above?
  2. So are you saying we are to enter the Social Security Administration number? On the chart that I see on this site it has above the column EIN (Filer); EIN (Spouse). When I did a check return it also gave me a error which said (IRS e-file limitation: Each withholding amount must have an associated EIN. Enter 00-0000000 (9 zeroes) if an EIN is not available).
  3. Effective for tax years beginning after 2019, the age 70 1/2 no longer applies as long as all other IRA contribution rules are met. One stipulation is that you must have earned income to make an IRA contribution and the amount of earned income must exceed the amount of your IRA contribution. Question for those doing Kansas Returns: If you have earned farm income, do you included your contribution amount in line B13 as an amount from Kansas Sources? It shows up on B13 as a total from the Federal Return but not as an amount from Kansas Sources unless you enter it there. Line B13 is on Schedule S, part B-Part-Year Resident/nonresident allocation form for Kansas Thanks for your early reply!!
  4. Oklahoma statute authorizing the addition--when I called the Oklahoma Tax Policy department today they mentioned that the Oklahoma statute was 68 Oklahoma Statute 2358. That statute deals with Revenue and Taxation. In the ATX 2019 it did not have the word other in Oklahoma to make a pdf file but in 2020 it does.
  5. Question: In the Oklahoma instructions under Schedule 511-B and B8 Miscellaneous: Other additions: it says when Entering the number 5 if the following applies these words: "Provide a statement of explanation specifying the type of addition and Oklahoma Statute authorizing the addition, and verifying documents." There are two adjustments: (1) adjustment SE deductible part of self-employment and (2) adjustment self-employment health insurance. These two adjustments must be added to the Oklahoma return and so the questions in ATX are: 1. How do you make a statement for Schedule 511-B, line 8 2. What is the statue authorizing these additions 3. The verifying documents should be I believe Schedule SE or (schedule 1, part II, line 14) and schedule 1, part II, line 16 which shows the self-employed health insurance deduction. These deductions are added back to Oklahoma return because they were subtracted on the Kansas return.
  6. Dan

    Red Box

    I now have gotten rid of the red box but I can't enter $300. Why? Answer: I clicked the arrow on 10b and entered 300 in the blue box on 5. I now have 300 in Form 1040; line 10b
  7. Dan

    Red Box

    Question: Why does the box show read on Form 1040; line 10b? I now have gotten rid of the red box but I can't enter $300. Why?
  8. Dan

    Red Box

    Question: Why does the box show read on Form 1040; line 10b?
  9. Charitable Contribution - I see that effective for 2020 there is a new deduction up to $300 for a qualified charitable contribution as above-the-line deduction in calculating AGI without the taxpayer having to itemize deductions (1040-10b). On Form 1040 is there anything that says a taxpayer is required to enter their total charitable deductions or just the $300 amount on 10b?
  10. I see that a lot have viewed this post but no answers. Please respond if you have ever did the above and the e-file went through correctly.
  11. I have a federal, Kansas and an Oklahoma return to e-file. The client lives in Oklahoma. Kansas requires the federal return to be filed with the Kansas return. If you add the federal return as a pdf attachment which after adding it is than included in E-File forms (KS E-File Info) will you be able to e-file the Kansas return in total? Oklahoma requires Kansas Return along with the federal return to be e-filed. If you ad the Kansas return as a pdf attachment which after adding it shows up as otherstatereturn included in E-File Forms (OK E-File Info) will you be able to e-file the Oklahoma return in total? When I mention total above, that means without using some program to shrink the size of the document. I have never done this before but simply had the client mail in the two State forms with their necessary documents? Looking for your early reply!
  12. Question: How does one get the relief money when the 2018 Tax Return was filed with the husband's account information? The husband has died and his account was closed after his death. The wife is wondering how she can get this money.
  13. The client's 2018 return does not show this repayment of advance payment of the premium tax credit on the original return. On Form 1040X and amended return for 2018 it has an APTC repayment or amount owed of $3503. I want to thank you again for your responses.
  14. Thanks for your comments: I forgot to mentioned that the client is self-employed and takes a self-employed health insurance deduction on line 16, part II of schedule 1 of form 1040 for health insurance paid in 2019. I was wondering if that same client could enter the repayment of excess advance payment of the premium tax credit from Part III of the 2018 Form 8962 that the client had to pay back in 2019? I know that there can not be more deductions than income that is on Schedule C. There are worksheets W and X in publication 974 and also in the ATX program. 2018 Form 8962 has repayment of excess advance payment of the premium tax credit of $3857. In 2019 an amended return was filed and the client owed $3503. The payment was made in 2019. Another thought about this repayment is that the client was above the federal poverty line.
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