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  1. Dan

    1040X Return

    Thanks for the good information!!!
  2. Dan

    1040X Return

    Question: How do you amend a 1040X return if the only change you are making is that you are changing someone can not claim you as a dependent to someone can claim you as a dependent? On the original return you did not mark the box (someone can claim you as a dependent). You should have marked the box but you didn't. Where on Form 1040X does it give for changing the above question?
  3. Question: If the parents buy a car for their child for $4500 and the car is titled in the child's name who is a full-time student, can the parents include that as a part of parents support in figuring whether they can claim the child as a dependent?
  4. The student has $1500 (1099-misc-line 7 non-employee compensation). I would think she needs to file a return because of that fact but whether the parents can claim the student (child) as a dependent is the big question? So far I have the student if you don't count scholarships, grants, federal subsidized and unsubsidized loans, federal work study, church matching funds with around $9003. The parents have contributed around $11000.
  5. I also read in the instructions in Part 1--Refundable American Opportunity Credit is says you don't qualify for a refundable American Opportunity Credit if 1 (a,b, or c), 2, and 3 below apply to you. But what if under 1.c. your earned income is more than one-half of your support?
  6. Jasdim - so are you saying only the parents can take the AOC if their child is under 25? As far as I know, the client is in her second year of college and has never taken the AOC. I am working on who provided the most support, the parent or the child.
  7. Question: Is there anything in the tax rules that says you will only qualify for an education credit if your were not a dependent during 2017? If this is the case, you could not qualify to take the American Opportunity Credit in 2018 if your parents had you as a dependent on their return in 2017.
  8. Question: What are they talking about in the Form 8863 instructions when it says under American Opportunity Credit that students must have been issued a TIN by the due date of the 2018 return as one of the requirements in order to claim the credit?
  9. Dan

    199a ATX Worksheet

    Thanks Taxman! I also read an article from Stalcup Ag Service about the 199a deduction. It mentions: "If you are the operator of a farm operation reporting your income on schedule F, your farm profit is QBI. This is a pretty clear case." It also says: "If you sale farm equipment as an operating farmer the sale of farm equipment reported on Form 4797 as ordinary income will qualify as QBI." Thanks for sharing the health insurance involvement in this.
  10. Question: I have another question concerning the 199a ATX Worksheet. The question is this: If you have a gain on form 4797 part II does that mean you add that amount to the amount you have on schedule F and subtract from that total the amount you have on schedule SE line 6 which is 1/2 of your self-employment tax? For example: Farm Income is (Schedule F-line 34): $73,947 Sales of Business Property (Form 4797, Part II): $34,832 Minus amount on Schedule SE line 6: $ 3,936 Total to include as Qualified Business Income: $104,843 Is the above information correct or am I missing something? Does the worksheet have a place to enter the amount of business property sales from Form 4797, part ii? Or do you just add it like I have done with the income from schedule F? Thanks for your early response.
  11. QUESTION: What do you great tax prepares do when you have Federal, Kansas, and Oklahoma returns to efile? You live in Oklahoma but have income in both Kansas and Oklahoma. Kansas requires a copy of the Federal return be sent with Kansas return when its address is outside of Kansas. Oklahoma requires the Kansas and Federal return to be sent with it. I can efile the Federal return by itself. What about efiling the Kansas and Oklahoma returns with you have the above requirements? In the past, I have just had the client send the state returns in by paper form. Thanks for your thoughts!
  12. Dan

    Efile Address change

    Thanks! I have tried to call ATX a number of times and don't seem to get through to anyone. If all I need to do is change my information in the Preparer/ERO tab that will be easy to do. Thanks again.
  13. How do you let ATX know that your address has changed? This is in regard to your elfin address and ptin address.
  14. Dan

    Truckers with w-2

    Thanks for the replies.
  15. Question; Are truckers with W-2 able to use the M&IE rates (standard meals and incidental expenses rates) for 2018?
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