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  1. Dan

    Refund is not yet approved--why

    Yes, the "Where's My Refund" has been done and it says "Return Received." There are no credits on the return. What is on the return is the standard deduction and the exemption.
  2. I have a return that is now 20 days after being e-filed and still not approved. Why? The return contains a 1040A return with one W-2 in the amount of $8272 and federal taxes of $1167. All the federal taxes are to be refunded to the client. I have called 1-800-829-1040 but there is no way to be able to talk to an IRS person that I can see from that number unless I am missing something. Can anyone provide me some answers to this problem? Thanks for your help.
  3. Dan

    Agricultural Program Payments

    PLC stands for "price loss coverage", a government program payment. CRP is a payment received for putting the land into grass.
  4. Dan

    Property Taxes on city lots

    Some are vacant and have farm machinery of it. Only used for that purpose. Some are vacant but may have a building on some of the lot and machinery on the other part of the lot.
  5. Question: Are property taxes on vacant city lots deductible on (form 1040 Schedule F) if you store farm machinery on them or use those lots to put your machinery?
  6. Question: If you need to file both forms (form 1040 Schedule F) and (form 4835) do you need to separate the CRP payment from the PLC payment or can you put both payments on the schedule F form. The farmer receives the CRP payment because he is in charge of the land that has the CRP. The tenant farms the ground where the PLC payment is concerned, he getting 2/3 and the landlord getting 1/3? If you must separate these payments, how do you do that in ATX when you only get one 1099G form?
  7. Dan

    Need a copy of ATX 2005

    I could not get 2010 to load on my Windows 7. So I am wondering if it is 2010 and prior?
  8. Dan

    Schedule F and Form 4835

    Are you treated as materially participating in a farming activity if you materially participated for 5 or more of the eight years before you turned over the farming to a tenant? In other words, can you file schedule F for 5 years after you turn over the farming business to a tenant or must you use Form 4835 the first year? The only test you meet is test 5 of the material participation test.
  9. Are you able to file both a Schedule F and Form 4835 in the same tax year? For example a farmer has turned his farm ground over to a tenant to farm. That would go on Form 4835. The same farmer has ground in the CRP program in which he materially participates. That would go on Schedule F. Am I correct in the above examples?
  10. Dan

    Sales Tax Calculator

    Instructions for Form 1040 (Schedule A) on page A-5 has a worksheet to figure the General Sales deduction as well.
  11. Dan

    Sales Tax Calculator

    Was there another "Sales Tax Calculator" besides the one from the IRS Web site that we had last year on this Community Board? Thanks for your response. https://apps.irs.gov/app/stdc/stdc.html?_page=10&_cancel
  12. Dan

    E-filing a 1040 Return

    Has the IRS said anything about when to e-file a federal return? It seems a little early right now. What kind of response has anyone had about this? Thanks for your response.
  13. Dan

    Form 4835

    The person receives a CRP payment from the government each year for 10 to 15 years as a result of putting land into grass. The government than requires that maintenance work be done and the cost this year to do maintenance work cost the tax payer more than $600. Form 4835 is a Farm Rental Income and Expense form. So if the tax filer files this form, is a 1099-misc form required if the filer pays over $600 to someone to do custom hire
  14. Dan

    Form 4835

    If you file Form 4835 is a 1099-misc. form required to be filed if you give a person more than $600 in custom hire work? I know the 1099-misc. form is required if you file the Schedule F form but what about Form 4835? Look for your reply.
  15. Dan

    Filing Requirement

    What is the filing requirement for a student attending a Church University? Is a return required to be filed in this situation? 1. W-2 has $1030.67 income reported 2. No federal and state taxes reported 3. No Social Security or Medicare taxes reported 4. No State taxes reported The church university is a university of a certain denomination, no particular church but all the churches of the denomination. I believe some money does go from the denomination to the university. Thanks for your response!