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  1. This post is kinda old but it helped me today! Thank you for noting where you found to input it. ATX needs to add the PATR to their list.
  2. prayers and peace be with you. Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and in the hour of our death.
  3. I have a boat load this year!
  4. I have never used bulk extensions. And now I want to and cannot find where you do it. Isn't it an option? Am I crazy? Too many summer days at the office?
  5. I think this is a great win either way, really.
  6. I'm going to scream before I get thru this. Table 1 of PPP Schedule A worksheet SBA Form 3508 "List employees who: Received compensation from the Borrower at an annualized rate of less than or equal to $100,000 for all pay periods in 2019 or were not employed by the Borrower at any point in 2019." Why do I have to read this 10x to make sense of it.
  7. They are great! Good people. Very knowledgeable.
  8. I'm so confused..... His total 2019 salary was 163800 and other guys was 81007. During the 8 week period, his was 15400, and the other was 10097. Over the year, he will exceed 100000. so either way, his is 8/52 of 100000. other guy is 8/52 * 81007 = 12462.62 or 10097 which ever is lower. Am I right?
  9. Small S-corp employs both stockholders of the company. I thought that when you calculate the payroll for the period, you have to exclude their current payroll and use 2019 figures to ensure they are not inflating their salary for the purpose of qualifying for forgiveness. So now I'm looking at their salaries for 2019 - and they bonused themselves in 2019 during the period, and 2019 gives them a much bigger payroll figure. Can anyone clarify this for me.
  10. The 3rd party settlement co (123 something or other) took his money and never paid bank of america! He paid the 3rd party 39K between 2015 and 2017, closing it - or so he thought - in 2017. In 2019 he received the 1099C. How's that for a mess.
  11. In my neck of the woods, hiring your children is sometimes the only people you can get to work! If an employer hires his child (over 18) or other family member, and that person is getting a legitimate paycheck and W2, is it okay for purposes of loan forgiveness, or does this need to be "arms length"?
  12. The dad gave me the son's (taxpayers) new address with a bad zip. The zip gave me a different town, that was near the town where he lives. So I left it. I figured the zip was correct. (I'm a numbers person, aren't you and everyone else? I get the zip right, doesn't everyone else?) And I looked up address on google and there was the same address in this other town, so I was clear. I didn't bother to look if this address was in the town the dad said. Ugh Anyway - refund check undeliverable because it went to wrong town. So - I get a phone number and a code and call the IRS. Can't get thru due to high call volume. Any other way around this? And I don't even know if they will talk to me with no POA when I do get thru. And I don't sound like a guy. boo.
  13. yes - I'm using ATX. You answered my question. Thank you! I will tweak the letter to say we are mailing the RITA.
  14. no efile here either
  15. I'm not familiar with these OH local returns. I've got a RITA and a school district form in this return. My federal letter default says that these are efiled. But I'm thinking these have to be paper filed?? I'm not finding separate efile forms (unless they automatically attach to the OH efile?) Please advise. thanks.
  16. Why would any of us want to retire now when things are just getting fun. But today I received in the mail a letter from the blockheads that they have flexible options and will even hire my staff. (my dog?) They will help reduce my fears and make goals of retirement a reality. I'm telling you, HRB has given me a significant amount of amending work over the years. Perhaps I will ask them to just keep me on as their fixer-upper preparer......
  17. If you can get an idea from them when they bought it, you can often figure out what the average cost was on the Big Charts website. Sometimes it takes a little more time. But it's billable time and they can pay you or they can pay uncle sam. However, if they are a low-dollar taxpayer and they fall into a zero cap gain, then just put zero basis and move on.
  18. I know of 6 out in limbo land. And 5 include credits. One just had paid in a lot of estimate and then bought equipment so he has a large refund that he was hoping to use paying for that equipment. More and more of this feet dragging by the IRS and I'm going to scream. It's very frustrating
  19. with all my heart, to fly with dragons in a land apart. (Anyone here with kids that grew up in late 90s early 2000s?) I wish the IRS transcript would give us the state info! Why can't they? Are they just mean IRS people?
  20. Thank you! I knew the depreciation would be different. She's worried about staying in US and wants to make sure she's reporting everything she's supposed to. Is this something that would make a difference in determination of her residency? Or with her visa?
  21. Client is not a US citizen, but has residency. She is from Germany and has a rental in Germany that she owns jointly with her sister who is still in Germany. Is this just a regular Schedule E? (I would be inclined to let the sister report it all in Germany, and pay her the tax difference.)
  22. I have received one plant for Christmas. In 2010 I think. That's all I have ever received from anyone. People in my entitlement zone think they are paying me too much to begin with. But I have a client that is a hairdresser, and he literally places his fees at odd dollar amounts just so people will say "keep the change". That's the only tip he gets. I might employ his strategies and try to pick up an extra 2 or 3 dollars.
  23. Client (Sch C) had daughter on payroll. As child, no FICA, no FUTA, no SUTA. She turned 18 and got real job. Daughter has been working for past few months at YMCA (parttime) and when Covid closed down Y, she applied for unemployment, listing father's business as a previous employer. But my question is - since unemployment tax was not paid on her as she was a child then, can it count as wages to collect unemployment on now. Doesn't sound kosher to me. What do you think. I think she will have to pay back benefits.
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