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You can limit to Explanations or Tax Code or specific types of publications. You can use the Libary View that gives you the top three in each category. Once you have results, you can further search withing those results. Free online training is available, too. Or, just start with the Help button to find resources such as


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Research Faster With These Tax Season Tips

Taking advantage of these 10 IntelliConnect features will help you work smarter and more quickly

Technology | February 2012

The busy season can take its toll on even the most experienced accountant or tax preparer. One way to gain an advantage is to tap into IntelliConnect’s powerful features. Tina Rajski, Product Manager for IntelliConnect®, offers 10 ways to unlock the full potential of the platform — giving you faster answers and better results:

1. Go mobile. The ability to access answers anytime, anywhere can boost productivity. You can view optimized content directly through a dedicated app on an iPhone or Android device. Download the iPhone and iPad apps. Download the Android app.

2. Use Information Buttons. Speed your research by clicking on an “i” button and viewing a brief description of what’s contained in the actual publication or the branch of the tree.

3. Take advantage of Citation Searches. The IntelliConnect search bar offers enhanced search capability. Type the citation reference number you’re interested in and view results with the full text of the citation along with documents tied to the citation.

4. Save searches. Ensure that you always have the most current information available by saving your common searches. You can also customize a search by giving it a name.

5. Use customized news feeds. Keep up with the latest news and industry trends by setting up custom alerts in Tax Tracker News™. “The feature allows you to search for a particular topic or phrase,” Rajski explains. Then, once you have identified the desired search, you can create an alert whenever any news on the topic appears.

6. Tap into Document Paths. When you open a document in IntelliConnect you can view the path (the source of the document) when printing, emailing or exporting the file. You can also link to the document within the save file by clicking the “Click to open document in a browser” link.

7. Access cross-referenced documents. Even if a citation isn’t hyperlinked you can still look it up. Simply highlight the cross-referenced text, drag it to the Search Box and choose “Go.” “You will seamlessly gain access to answers you need,” Rajski says.

8. Search Within Your Search Results. You can narrow your search and pinpoint answers by choosing the drop-down menu on “Search” and selecting “within results.” These results appear in the Search Results pane.

9. Email directly from IntelliConnect. Share documents and information with colleagues or clients by emailing from within the application. Choose the “Save/Email menu” and a message pops up.

10. Get Better Connected. Use the LinkedIn social media tool in IntelliConnect to post questions, assist colleagues, share best practices and broaden your circle of knowledge. The tool connects to LinkedIn without leaving IntelliConnect. “It’s a powerful tool for the digital age,” Rajski points out.

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