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Problem with the 2 returns I filed using TRX

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The two retunes I filed using TRX still have not received their refunds. They were filed on 2/5/2013. When I checked “where’s my refund” last week, it showed they were still processing the refund. Today I get the check that you entered your information correctly.

When I check cloud efc to get the DCN it is a strange number in that it does not start with 00 or end with 3

Not sure what to do. One return is my niece and she need the refund to pay the rent.

What should I do

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that's what I meant. I can efile with another program but I'm worried that may just make things worse.

I’ll check the help desk

Did you mean you entered information incorrectly? (You wrote correctly).

Can you do the return on another program and try to e-file?

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I filed around 15 return with TRX I'm 2/2 no refund yet but I just know the problem when the first three customer came in with a letter from IRS requesting the correct form 8812 due TRX was not ready with the form at this time , you can send it by fax or regular mail, just the form 8812 in my case was the same for these customer, check your return if they are using itin numbers is probably the same problem

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