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Attachments - adding, deleting, managing


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Using Attachments

Adding an attachment to a post can be made by clicking on "choose files..." located at the bottom left of the reply box.  This will open a box to choose a file located on your hard drive or removable storage media.  Locate the file for attachment, click on it to select it, and click "open". The file will be added to your post.

Attachments that have already been used in the member's posts and that are listed in "My Attachments" may be used again by clicking "Insert other media" found at the bottom right of the reply box, clicking "insert existing attachment", and choosing one from the existing list that will be shown.

"Insert other media" also contains a selection that allows insertion of images using an internet URL.


Finding your attachments

Members will find their attachments list by clicking on their user name and from the dropdown list, click on "My Attachments".  The list includes links to each post that the attachments are posted in.


Deleting Attachments

Attachments that are used in posts can't be deleted from the "My Attachments" list.  In order to delete a specific attachment, the poster must first go back and edit the post(s) that that particular attachment is used in before deleting of the attachment is allowed.  The reason for this is to try to eliminate broke links in posts, so please keep in mind that deleting a link to a document containing technical advice or content may alter the usefulness of your post in that topic.


Deleting Attachments in PMs

The forum's private messaging allows the use of attachments. Please note that if a PM is deleted without first editing it to remove an attachment, that file will stay on your list of attachments and you will NOT be able to delete it.  ETA - the system automatically removes PM attachments when all participants have left the conversation. 

Consider using a file sharing site other another method

At the time of the forum upgrade, Eric suggested using a site such as Dropbox for public file sharing so that documents containing technical advice or content wouldn't be deleted later in the future due to a user running up against the space limitation allowed for attachments, wouldn't cause broken links in posts, and so that posts still contain the relevant information if someone is searching for forum in future.

Alternately, consider quoting a cite or source, or linking to helpful websites.




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ETA attachments contained in PMs
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