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Below 100%

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I have a client who had his family enrolled thru Covered CA health exchange.  He was self-employed.  The first 4 months of the year went exactly the same as the previous year, but in May there was a significant turn of events that actually caused him to shut his doors.  At that time he notified the exchanged and the following month he and his family were switched over to Medical.  So I have his 1095B which is showing first 4 months as normal with advanced subsidy credit, then in May a change was made in the subsidy received, then for June thru December, showing nothing because they had been switched to Medical.

Now that we are doing the taxes, (he had a horrible year) he is below 100% of poverty.  My gut is telling me he still qualifies for the subsidy by marking the box HI below 100% of poverty.  Is this how you read this as well.

I believe the figures he originally gave the exchange were correct at the time, and as soon as a problem occurred he took steps to correct it.  This is the first one I have had this way so any thoughts would be greatly appreciated as it boosts his refund considerably.

Thanks in advance!


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