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Payroll 2018 on a Remote Desktop Server

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My company supports the IT for an accounting firm. They use a Remote Desktop Server (RDS) that all users log into and to run their various accounting programs.  They have successfully used Payroll 2017 and previous versions on the RDS without any issues.  However it appears that the the 2018 version does not allow multiple users on the same computer (the very nature of a RDS) to use the program at the same time.  I can't find anything in the literature to say it will work or won't. 

We've been on calls with technical support but we can't get a definitive answer and the hour+ on-holds waiting  to talk to support aren't helping.  Does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with Payroll 2018 on an RDS?





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If you are talking about ATX Payroll, their past practice has been not to support this kind of application.

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We don't use an RDS, but we do have all of the data resident on a server, and use work stations for the program.  3 of the 4 workstations installed without a hitch.  The 4th, which is the newest workstation, will not install.  We are waiting for a call back from upper level support to my IT person.  Hold times have been outrageous to get any help at all, and we are almost at the 24 hour mark for the call back.  I left ATX for taxes after 2012, and  now that they have changed the payroll reporting software, this looks like my last year with them at all.  Do they not test their programs before release?  I could understand with last minute tax changes how testing might be difficult, but printing and filing W2S and 1099s?  Really?

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