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754 Election in ATX software

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I want to tap into the collective intelligence of the community here. My firm has just started using ATX software. We have a number of partnerships which have made Section 754 elections in the past. My question does not involve how to make the election, that has already been done. My question is how do you set up the software to handle this situation and get the correct amounts onto the K-1 forms for the partners. Yes, I have read the ATX support page on this, I am curious if someone out there has come up with a better approach.

Let me take as an example a partnership where 2 of the 6 partners have made the election on land and building (inherited). How would you set that up?

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I've only done one where the partnership only had land and the land was sold shortly after the one partner died. If you're talking about different depreciation allocations to the partners, my guess would be a manual allocation of box 1 or box 2 on the K1.

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