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Drake Accounting (Employees module)

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I used AMS (1099-Etc), and now I'm using CFS for payroll.  Is there any options/settings to make Drake payroll work more like AMS or CFS?

Does anyone rely entirely on Drake for payroll?  I mean from inputting wage info to filing quarterly reports and W-2s?

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I used Drake Accounting for 2018 "on the fly" W-2s and 4th quarter 2018 Form 94x.

It was acceptable but slow and quirky.

After tax season was over, I spent most of 3 days trying to get ATF and Live Payroll up and running.

I ran into several serious problems related to Oregon Payroll taxes.

Drake Accounting Support answered the phone quickly and were friendly.

However, their knowledge or Oregon Payroll was very limited.

I explained in detail 3 or 4 times what the problems were and was told they would pass on my comments

The problems still haven't been fixed and no one has contacted me.

My conclusion is Drake Accounting Support has room for a lot of improvement.

I do not recommend Drake Accounting to be used for any Live or ATF Payroll applications.

The "Fill in the Form" applications are OK for limited use.

Instead, I have switched over to Medlin Professional Payroll in far less time with excellent support.

Actually I am very pleased with Medlin's Payroll Software and highly recommend it !








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Thanks for the heads up.  I read that speed is an issue in another post...  Definitely something to consider.

If I switch to another payroll software, I hope it's something capable of e-filing at least the Federal payroll tax returns.  I mostly likely will immediately switch if Medlin has that feature.

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