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NT - Trippin' on Windows XP

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I was looking for a financial series I had written for my church a few years back and could not find it on my current computer (Win 10).   So I pulled my Win 7 machine out of storage and hooked it up.  Nope, not there either.   So I pulled out my really old Win XP machine.   Shocked that it fired right up (but it took a while - gotta love that new SSD in my current computer).   It was amazing that I could plug in my Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse and they worked perfectly with XP.   I remember I never wanted to leave that operating system and only did so when there was no other choice.   

Found what I was looking for, but it was different to see that old operating system.   And no, I did not connect it to the internet while I was on it.   I have no idea if there are any boogey men out there just waiting for an XP machine to connect to the interweb thingy and steal all my old data, but I was not taking a chance.

Modesto, CA

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      Lucky you Tom.....I had to call a tech person to get my XP                                                    going......Look!



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