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IRS 2019 Form 1099-OID where do I enter...

6. Acquisition Premium $18.85

11. Tax-exempt OID $26.47

The same Morgan Stanley 1099-INT had...

1. Interest Income $241.19

8 Tax-exempt Interest $1,312.50

The really big numbers were dividends, but these interest numbers are either new to me or I'm too tired to remember. Thank you.

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OID in box 11 is reported as tax-exempt interest.  Box 6 shows the amortization of premium for the year on those securities, and it would reduce the amount of the OID income reported. The broker can either report the OID income net of the amortization and would leave box 6 blank, or report both numbers and make the preparer reduce the OID income by the amortization.

This doesn't affect the amounts in boxes 1 or 8. Those are reported as they appear on the 1099.   

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Thank you, Judy. That's bringing back an old memory. I have pretty active investors, but mostly capital gains and dividends. This just hadn't come up before, not recently enough that I could search for what I did. And, it's my own husband !! Thank you.

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