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Can I efile NJ and NY state return without filing federal return on ATX Max?

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Taxpayer filed 2019 federal return through another preparer and now turns to me to file NJ and NY return. Does ATX Max allow just filing NJ and NY returns without filing federal return? Also, when will efile for these two state open on ATX?

Thank you!


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DC doesn't allow DC return to be efiled by itself but I know that just by practice, not because I have read it on their regulations.  The way I discovered it was when I requested an ITIN. I used to efiled DC after the IRS sent the number to the tax payer and all the sudden I couldn't efile DC by itself.

I think you will figure it out when NJ and NY open up their efiling season. At that point, you will prepare the efile for for NY and NJ and try to efile. 

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