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  1. I think it is the other way around. He can use the actual expenses method if he had 1 or 7 cars. He cannot use the mileage method if he has 6 cars being used simultaneously.
  2. I have been using mileage on 4 vans for a construction contractor. In September he bought a 5th car and immediate was put in service. Same thing for the 6th car purchased in November. I now have to use actual cost. What do I do with the other cars in order to move them from mileage to actual expenses? Since my client is forced to move to actual expenses, I think any reasonable solution might work. Will it be different if I move to actual expenses a client with only 2 cars?
  3. I had two clients that got it in minutes. I am not sure if they had an account already or if there is an easy way of getting it. Both of my clients used a computer too.
  4. What information is required to retrieve an IP PIN if client lost their letter? I think they need to create and account and that takes time, correct? I do need to retrieve one because I hate to mail 1040s these days/years.
  5. Age doesn't have anything with HOH, neither does disability. Disability plays a roll for EIC.
  6. Efile and if form 8962 is needed, it will be rejected within 8 hours
  7. I love the question in your title. I always joke to my friends when they phrase it that way. The answer to your question is 5.
  8. Efile both with and at the same time mail both X filings with the "already-claimed" child.
  9. I have only seen this when filing 941 forms. Once you file the first quarter, the second quarter keeps part of the first id number and that causes the rejection. I used to delete the form and recreate them a few times until a new number was generated. I don't recall exactly.
  10. Let's get some rest and wait for the next tax season. As much as we hate tax season, it comes with some $$$ that are missed later in the year. I am going on vacation in three weeks and for the last two weeks, I have thought about my coming vacation when tired.
  11. Pacun

    MD Help

    Thank you. It seems MD has a website for $1,000 and another for $5,000 but it is a website and not a tax form. Thank you for your replies.
  12. Pacun

    MD Help

    I read that MD gives 26% of Federal Solar Credit. Do you know what form I need to enter the information in order to claim MD Solar Energy credit?
  13. It is all or nothing. We are talking computers here. Think about it: The computer says: Pay me $2,000 and the other computer says: "denied"... it might be nice enough to say "denied because of lack of funds". The bank will never say, I only have $1,250 on this account because it was not asked that... neither did the client authorize the IRS to inquire the bank about his balance.
  14. welcome to the "fried club".
  15. sounds like that other social security number has some income to report and as Judy said, that social security is associated with your client.The IRS will not send a letter to someone who only collected social security.
  16. My client have lived in Spain for a couple of years and they are not planning to come back any time soon.
  17. answer no for now and then yes when you file if needed.
  18. I think people outside the US will use the old rule Refund=2000 (600 and 1400)
  19. I have a client with a child, both US citizens, that live in Europe. How do I enter $600 non-refundable child tax credit and $1,400 refundable additional child tax credit like before?
  20. Yes, they do. Just read the instructions carefully and see if they qualify for the refundable portion. Also, please make sure student is not full time graduate student. That will eliminate AOC.
  21. MD seems to be asking for 1099-R when people are paying 1/3 from 2020 Covid withdrawal from IRA. Has any one know how to overcome that? Federal and MD efile files were created. Federal was accepted and release MD efile from held to created. I transmitted MD and it was rejected by agency.
  22. Be prepared for the IRS to send letters to your clients who moved from or within DC and never got the 1099-G. Since they didn't collect unemployment, they didn't expect a 1099-G. So they never brought it to us and we filed their taxes and the IRS will match it later. As Judy said, this could be coming up in a couple of years.
  23. oops, DOES is DC. So, I have the answer to the first question. This 877 is only for DC unemployment fraud reporting.
  24. Two questions: Is the number listed on this notice a national number and good for any identity theft? Will the IRS guidance apply to any type of income reported by identity theft or this rule is only for unemployment and ONLY for this year? I have a client who worked all year and suddenly got a 1099-G for $20K and that bumps him out of EIC, making a huge difference on his refund (he owes). I am glad that the IRS will process these returns and deal with the other issue later.
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