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Using 2019 earned income for EIC and Child credits.... please read

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Since you have to use 2019 on both EIC and child credits if higher, be careful because you have to manually select both. 

on Sch EIC Step 5, 2 you have to check the box. Then go to Sch 8812, 6a and manually enter the 2019 amount. 

If someone is doing the way I am doing it, let us know. If doing it different, please share.

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6 hours ago, katri said:

AGI is not the same as Earned Income

Look at EITC for examples of Earned Income 

On another post, I suggested that if you didn't prepare 2019 tax return and the TP has different kinds of income, the best is to prepare the 2019 tax return correctly on ATX (from the copy they provided) and then roll over the return to 2020. That way the software will grab only the earned income from previous year.

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