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What font does ATX 'print' on New York forms?


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I'm having trouble matching the font of the all-caps letters used by ATX to display information input on New York State forms POA-1 and TR-2000 -- i.e., my input and not the form's fonts.  Has anyone managed to do that?
The client returned a copy of his signed POA-1 that I belatedly noticed lacked his apartment number, so I want to simply add that to the PDF before submitting it.
I've gone through almost a dozen fonts -- playing with boldface and various sizes -- and am about to just settle for the near-miss of 9-pt "Mongolian Baiti" that I've never heard of before and don't even know how to pronounce.

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PDF files are interesting with fonts.  There are a certain number of assumed fonts, where the PDF creator can just use.  The creator can also add their own.  The fonts are added via coding, not by something like saying "print/show this in XXX font".  On top of all of this, the reader software can be set to "do its own thing", completely ignoring what the creator intended.  Where this comes into play is for things where a certain font and certain position is required.  The reader software can even be set to ignore the design, and substitute some other font.  (In my case, it is usually a setting for allowing international type fonts which makes my customers think I did not create a valid PDF...)  I get asked often if someone can email "paychecks" then have someone else print them.  Besides the security issues, there is no way to be certain the recipient of the PDF will correctly render the information in the PDF.

The unfortunate short is, PDF can no longer be considered safe to render something as designed, and there may be no way for you to figure out what font your reader is using.

Ideally, the output you are seeing matches whatever the tax agency requires.  You should be able to find the tax agency specs online, including font name and size.  But, many forms are allowed to be replicated by simply being "similar" to the actual form, so there may be no specs to be found.

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