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The IRS says it will be caught up with all 2020 and earlier personal tax returns soon,

with 2020 business tax returns shortly thereafter:



2.1 Million unprocessed Form 1040-X

3.7 Million unprocessed Form 941

215,000 unprocessed Form 941 X

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Correspondence Processing Delays

When a taxpayer receives a notice and is requested to respond or chooses to respond, the taxpayer must generally do so by mail. Through May 21, the IRS processed 5million taxpayer responses to proposed adjustments. It took an average of 251 days to do so – more than eight months. That is more than triple the processing time of 74 days in fiscal year 2019, the most recent pre-pandemic year. “When a math error or similar notice is generated in connection with a paper-filed tax return,” the report says, “the combination of the return processing delay and the correspondence processing delay may mean that the taxpayer must wait well over a year to get the issue resolved and receive the refund due.

Well the CP 2000 that I replied to back in December is still outstanding.

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