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SSA BSO Log in changes coming

Lee B

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"As of March 25, 2023, we are updating how you sign up for and access a Business Services Online (BSO) account for the following services:

What does this mean for you?

On March 25, 2023, current and new BSO users, wishing to use the above services, will use SSA’s Public Credentialing and Authentication Process (eAccess) to access employer services. 

The first time a visitor goes to the employer webpage after March 25, 2023, they will be redirected to the Social Security Sign In page to start the authentication and registration process.  

BSO users will need a separate Social Security online account, for example, a my Social Security account that was created before September 18, 2021, or have an existing Login.gov or ID.me account. If you do not have a Social  Security online account or a Login.gov or ID.me account, you will need to create one from our Social Security Sign in page. This is a new requirement to access BSO employer services.

Once the credentialing and authentication process has been completed, current BSO User ID(s) will be associated with your new credential.

Frequently asked questions

Can I sign in with my personal my Social Security account username and password?
Yes. If you have created a my Social Security account prior to September 18, 2021, you can use the username and password to sign in once redirected from the employer webpage. The username and password will be associated with your BSO User ID.

Are there any actions I can take prior to March 25, 2023?
If you don’t already have an existing Login.gov or ID.me account, you can create one now. Please note your account will not be associated with your BSO User ID(s) before March 25th.  You will need to visit our site after that date to complete the process.

Why am I being asked additional identity proofing questions after I create my account?
Social Security uses different levels of security depending on the sensitivity of the information being accessed. These additional levels of security are to ensure your information is protected.      '

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I tried it out and I had problems.  I have a log.gov account so I clicked on the BSO link for log.gov.  I logged into log.gov and then I went through a verification process which required a 6 digit code sent by phone, my drivers license number, and a credit card number.  I went through the whole process and then instead of sending me to the Business Services Online site, it sent to my Social Security personal account.  There were no links to get me to the Employer portion of BSO to input employee wage information.  I called every help line I could find and nobody had a clue.  If anyone has run into this same problem or could offer me some advice, I'd appreciate it.

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I was able to login with MySocialSecurity User Name and Password since I created it back in 2016.

Then I had jump through some identity verification questions and change my password.

Now I have to wait for an Upgrade Code in the mail.

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I know this is an older post. Just a suggestion, if your credit is frozen with all three credit bureaus, the ID.ME process or any other process that uses credit information for verification purposes won't work. I set mine up a while back and can't remember if I had to thaw the credit or not. Again, just something to watch out for.

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