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Windows on ARM goes mainstream

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If the overhead to run existing W32/W64 apps on ARM is as little as claimed, the new machines announced today will be a game changer for computer users. No more Intel only, and the snapdragon chips are seemingly twice as power efficient. Could also be a real challenger to the Apple laptops as well (unless one is married to an apple only app).

And to top it off, at least for preorder, the new surface with ARM is significantly cheaper than the latest with the core ultra chips.

I really like my new intel laptop, but it does get hot so I have to be aware of keeping the vents clear, and batt life is less than a day for me when using both of the built in screens (but no issue, I have plenty of portable power). The snapdragon chip should use half or less of the power, and with less power also likely means less heat to rid.

I preordered a surface pro with ARM, the base model. Arrives in about three weeks.

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Not for long I suspect. I have not used a desktop in years, but it is reasonable to believe there are already ARM desktops, and likely updated ones coming soon. They, prior to today, are not something the average person would get and expect to match a Windows only box. There are already ARM laptops, but performance is not all that great (according to reports) with W32/64 apps because of the overhead. The new snapdragon chips, and the revisions to Windows, are supposed to make the overhead nearly moot.

In my case, since MS is calling their new surface stuff "consumer" versions, and the intel based stuff "business", I have to accommodate ARM for certain. Personally, I am happy about the longer batt life as it should equate to less power needed.

I suppose the basics, If I followed correctly, is for intel chips, the architecture is roughly the same as it was in the 8088 days, with more and more things on chip to handle the faster things we have today. All of that add on sort of processing is expensive in cost, complicity, and power. For the snapdragon, we use them in many phones, so their power needs have been up front from day one. With MS updating the emulation in Windows itself, instead of some sort of hardware solution, we are at or getting closer to where the hardware may no longer be Windows/Mac/Phone, it may be the hardware does fast computing at reasonable cost and power usage, and the operating system handling the rest, whatever OS on whatever machine.

If this all works out, it compares (in my youth days) to being able to buy an engine from wherever, and putting it into any vehicle without having to go to a third party for mounts/adapters/etc. Or in recent days, what the EV makers did by finally agreeing on one plug standard.

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All of this also ties into what our son is looking forward to as changing the face of doctor/patient medicine.  AI handling of notes. The tech is coming where your practitioner will have something similar to a phone (or maybe an app on their phone, I have no idea) which records the conversation of your visit and makes the visit notes.  No transcribing, no doctor visit with the doc banging away at the keyboard the whole time, no late nights for the doc handling their notes. Or no med student/resident slogging away recording notes instead of seeing patients/studying.

Or in the case of my 1.5 hour drive yesterday, the car navigating, keeping proper speed, lane change, turn, etc., via based interpretation of the conditions and route, without waking granddaughter napping in car seat. (for the curious, AMD Ryzan chip).

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