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I am interested in hearing who is using tax research programs and how they like them.

In the past, I susbcribed to Klienrock research before it became ATX and then CCH. I have also suscribed to CFS tax research but discontinued each of them since I do less research and more information is free on the internet....


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>>information is free on the internet<<

You get what you pay for. I almost always start with Quickfinder, which cites code sections and rulings. Then I pop into RIA Checkpoint for complete text and tons of commentary and analysis, with an awesome search engine. Daily news, too, plus calculators, practice aids, even a very robust capital changes module.

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This ol' goat is getting used to Intelliconnect's new format (the cascading-menu format is more click-intensive, compared to Kleinrock's straightforward check-offs), but, now, aggrieved that TTOers cannot log-in through "Tracker News"-emailed items. Rather, we're restricted to 'coming in' only via MyATX. Anybody else share my complaint, please remark it to Stephanie Bradford -- as I today heard is the likely point-person/manager in the ATX/CCH research miniverse.


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