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  1. NT So - how did YOU celebrate?

    My assistant and I went for a doubles massage. My neighbor brought us a little bottle of champagne, so we had some bubbly before going. This gal, Cynthia, has become like a daughter to me. With no job and no plans for a career, I took her under my wing last year. She was even better this year. I'm helping her study for her EA (even though I have no plans for my own) so she can plan her future in taxes. Personally, this has been the most peaceful, joy-filled, and productive tax season in my life. Thank you for all your assistance, all your laughs, and for being my extended office. This is my safe place, right here. What a difference this site makes in my business and my spirit. Saturday, I begin HORSEBACK RIDING LESSONS. Yes, 62 this month, and I'm finally able to fulfill a dream of mine. I am going to a Christian camp so that if I fall off the horse and "wake up dead," they know how to pray me UP! AMEN? I'm a very blessed woman! Thanks, and God Bless y'all.
  2. I never found out how they knew, but they were wrong. He had not claimed himself. They faced signature pages to my office for him to sign and return. The VA return was wrong, so I walked the preparer through it. TaDAY. This has been my best text season ever. I have this website, Rita, and a great assistant who handles all my problem clients with kid gloves! I am counting my blessings tonight! And I’m not talking about the number of returns or the dollars coming in. I’m talking about a peaceful, joyful spirit! That’s all that matters to me.
  3. She must have! Oh well, I’m not saying a word. LOL

    I wish I had Rita's meme of the guy spitting his water.... I took a new client years ago who has a foreign bank account in Norway. I check the boxes on the Sch B and we do the FBAR together every year. She had her ducks together, I followed the now retired CPA's return when I took her on, did some research myself to help with the FBAR, and life was copasetic. Last year, she and her sister sold the cottage in Norway and I included that income on her tax return. Her intention at that time was to close the foreign account and bring that money here. Great. No more FBAR (which scares me to death....) Today, I called to tell her I wrapped up her tax return, and needed to know if she still had that foreign account. Yes, and her "little pension" is still going into it. "But it's ok, I pay taxes in Norway on that income, and it stays in Norway." OMAFB (Oh my aching frigging back) Wasn't I supposed to include this as income all these years? And claim foreign taxes paid? I threw up in my mouth a little bit today.
  5. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    Talk about "forgiven!"
  6. SSA Says Taxpayer Is Dead

    Wow, maybe she's BAAAAACK! Won't she get the same response if she files paper? Still, that seems like the only option. File and pay, then carry your risen self to the SS office and scream "HALLELUJAH!"
  7. NT - my eyes are falling out

    My floaters came on suddenly, and so many it was like pepper was all over the monitor. But I googled it, and it said nothing about being serious. A few floaters are normal, but if it's really peppering your vision, if you see lights dashing, see a doctor. You could have a retinal tear or a hole. If it looks like a window shade is lowering in your eye, go to the emergency room, your retina is likely detaching.
  8. NT - my eyes are falling out

    Your symptoms are not the same as mine, and I don't mean to scare you. I was just saying that I didn't think it was anything and it was something. Everything went well after a few laser treatments. My eyes are perfect.
  9. NT - my eyes are falling out

    A couple of year ago, I had floaters during tax season and let it go. When I started seeing darting lights in the outside edge of my vision, I saw a specialist. Turns out, I had a tear in my retina with 2 more coming, and 2 holes in the other retina. I hope you will see an ophthalmologist. Or a retina specialist.
  10. He's in the car.... in Italy....
  11. She must have! Oh well, I’m not saying a word. LOL
  12. It could be... but how in the heck did they KNOW that the kid's exemption was already taken... unless they e-filed the tax return WITHOUT the husband's signature and consent?
  13. I'm not doing their taxes. I was just wondering how HRB would know the child already claimed his own exemption if the kid prepared it as a DIY return. Is HRB's program one that gives the warning in diagnostics? I thought the tax return had to be e-filed and rejected to get that information.
  14. Nope, son didn't know he did it. Unless she told him already, he still doesn't know. He's at work until late tonight. It's strange, huh?
  15. My friend is working here in VA and his spouse is having their taxes done in another state. She called him to say that their kid, a college student, already claimed his own exemption. How would she know that unless HRB already e-filed and got the rejection? He hasn't seen his tax return or signed anything. I got no dog in this fight, I was just curious.