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  1. Just to complete the thought on this post. 1. This transmission was a follow-up. First transmission was rejected because, if I remember correctly, I missed part of the address on a 1099 entry. 2. I talked with ATX customer service today and was told (A) She could find no problem with the return as filed and (B) she was submitting a ticket for further investigation [because it is more than five days since I E-Filed the return) and someone should get back to me within 48 hours. She also verified my operating system and the version of ATX I had on the computer, to make sure all was compatible.
  2. On Friday, July 24, 2015 I efiled a 2012 1040 for a client. The "Transmitted" status remains. I don't understand why a 10-day delay in processing by IRS. Any ideas. I was told IRS would accept 2012, so I assume that is not the problem. Thanks.
  3. Now, if a same sex couple comes in, male or female, and tells me they are married, do I need to question whether they indeed are married? I normally obtain SS cards and some photo ID (usually driver's license). If ID provided shows two different last names, how much questioning should I do / do I need to do? I guess, at this point, it would be good to know if, in same sex marriages, DOES one of the partners change they last name to match their new mate? Thanks.
  4. BY THE WAY...... Since you are opening a new store in Maryland, you will also need to check (In Section A, Question 8): ** Sales and Use Tax ** Employer Tax (if the store will have employees) ** Alcohol Tax (if the store will sell alcohol) ** Motor Fuel Tax (PERHAPS) - I don't remember if the retailer (your new store) or wholesaler (the supplier for the new store) is responsible for forwarding this tax to Maryland -- but I am thinking it is your new store (because your new store is the last point before consumer purchase) - its been too long since I completed this application for Motor Fuel Tax.. ** Unemployment Tax (choice here is to register with MD or advise that you are including MD employees in your home state filing.). You will also probably be required to apply for a license http://www.dllr.state.md.us/ from the county where the business is located. Since MD and NY are not participating in a reciprocal agreement, the business will need to file a MD Income Tax Return.
  5. The form you need is "Combined Registration Application." (CRA) Form COM/RAD-093. Fill out the applicable sections. Go to http://www.comp.state.md.us/ Under "Maryland Taxes" - left column Right column under "Maryland Taxes," is "Business Taxpayers." Last item under "Business Taxpayers" is "New Businesses." Click on it. Under "Starting a New Business in Maryland" is (in bold) "Combined Registration Application" What SHOULD appear on the screen is the CRA form - 4 pages of the form and 4 pages if instruction. Fill out on screen or print out and then fill out. http://forms.marylandtaxes.com/14_forms/CRA.pdf Section A, Question 8 h, check the box for "Tobacco Tax." You do not yet have a number, so leave it blank. Page 1 of Instructions has advisement that THEY WILL CALL YOU for more information.
  6. When I try to open the program, the blue introductory window opens and stays on the screen for perhaps 30 seconds. Then another message window opens on the screen, which is titled, "Can't connect to Server." The body of the message reads, "An attempt was made to start the server process, but the application is still unable to connect. Please start the server and try again." My only option is "close." Today I talked with ATX customer service, who was not able to resolve the problem. I reinstalled 2014 program with no change. I was told I would need to wait until Tuesday, May 27 (after the weekend) for someone from Tech Support to call me. Has any one dealt with this problem and hopefully found a solution? Thanks,
  7. At this point, recognizing that factors may change, I think I like the idea of segregating, on the client's invoice, the time spent on ACA consideration. Mentioning this is the appointment letter and/or engagement letter would also seem like a wise idea.
  8. To clarify. I was not rolling over any clients, just creating a "Blank" 1040, "blank" 1120S, and "blank" 1065. My purpose is to use the program and see what differences I see and to use an open return for 2014 when questions arise about this new year and Congress' shenanigans. Thanks,
  9. ERO and Preparer names do not populate and there does not seem to be a method of importing information from last year. Am I missing something? Thanks
  10. Retransmitted this am and it went through. Thanks for feedback.
  11. SunTaxMan

    E File

    Is there a problem with 1040 E File. I just tried a return and got a message saying the service is unavailable at the current time. Anyone know what/if the problem is? Thanks,
  12. I just received a notice from IRS, Ogden, assigning me a CAF #. Problem is, I already have a CAF #, (for at least 20 years ?) and have been using it on every 8821 and 2848 filed. Anyone else have this happen? I am wondering whether to (1) send IRS a letter, explaining the situation and ask for clarification, which often seems complicate things with IRS, (2) begin using the new CAF # and cease using the old one, (3) continue using the old one, ignoring the new one or, (4) use both, alternating (doesn't seem like a sensible idea), and assume both are valid #s. The notice of new CAF# assigned, refers to Form 8821 and 2848, both of which I have submitted this year, and every year, with the old #s on them. Any ideas? Thanks,
  13. I am seeing more and more about the need to review a taxpayers bank statements as part of the tax preparation. I am wondering if this is either wise or required for those folks who are NOT in business, who file only a 1040, with perhaps a Sched. A, D or similar. ...Whether the wisdom and/or need for bank statement review is necessary ONLY for those involved in a business. It seems somewhat cumbersome and unreasonable to ask a simple 1040 filer for this documentation. Comments? Thanks.
  14. I know the title sounds contradictory, but.... Client has no employees, but does have sub-contractors - legitimately classified. Experience tells me if the sub does not have insurance (or otherwise cannot provide a Certificate of Insurance), the issuer of the 1099 must include dollars paid in issuer's WC coverage. How do you "include in WC" is there IS NO WC policy? Thanks,
  15. MD merchant does not have a sales office, or any other office in PA. Presence in PA is for installation and ongoing repair and service, based on customers' calls for service.
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