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  1. I just tried customer service for ATX, still down! Maybe Monday!!
  2. I just got a notice from a client who got a larger refund on her 1040 and the notice is saying because of a missed HSA deduction. Upon reviewing the 8889 it computed no additional deduction which is correct however an incorrect number on line 3, $8,900, double what it should be creates a balance on line 12 that should have moved to line 13 and then to 1040. The instructions clearly say a self only coverage over age 55 is $4,450 but $8,900 somehow comes over? I just got off the phone with ATX and they are not up yet so they cannot help. I am surprised the IRS computers allowed a number greater than her age allows to be used. If you get any calls about increased refunds and the person has an HSA, go right to that first.
  3. 9:48 AM Eastern just back to office and those 3 returns have ACKs!! So efile appears to be working fine, solutions center is not working. Weird date on ACK for State of PA, printed at 2:47:56 AM although I sent in at 6:47:56 AM which is the Fed accepted time. When I looked at efile acknowledgement history it is wrong on one side correct on the other. The long and the sort however is they are accepted, "I THINK!" and "I HOPE!"
  4. 6:48 AM Eastern, I was able to transmit 3 tax returns, now we will see how long it takes to come back!!
  5. RitaBThe longer it goes without more comprehensive info makes me a little apprehensive about the damage. Brent, I have an American citizen who now lives in Bulgaria and she is not allowed into Russia anymore, bad girl!! Bulgaria is no great place, it is on a terrorist list so money dealing in US are a problem for her, but she loves Bulgaria. Have a nice weekend!,
  6. Interesting to read a few of you were able to transmit some returns. I have tried 5 or 6 times today and no connection with EFC. So I called the temporary number and then went to a rep who said efiling has not been opened at all!! So the right hand does not know what the left is doing apparently if everyone who transmitted are correct or just lucky. 7 days in (using the Kreb Security email to WK on 5/3/19)it certainly is becoming quite a debacle and the lack of current info from WK weak. They should be updating on the hour as far as I am concerned.
  7. RitaB, that is quite interesting, I have tried multiple times this afternoon and cannot connect to EFC!!
  8. I am not on the cloud but it appears that ATX is still down. I have tried to efile and nothing is working?
  9. My computer tech is a security guru, worked for one security company and recruited to another. I sent him the krebson story and will get back when he responds. He has never liked ATX!! He does have alot of things on my system so I have a level of confidence that he has me protected. I will know better when he does some digging.
  10. 27 year old too impatient for Mom and Dad to come visit with me took her W-2 and went to Liberty. $400 later she got her refund and had a Federal and PA but no local because they did not know how to do it!! Lives in a township with a 1% tax and an address in one with a 3.4% tax!! Youth, throwing money away, Liberty taking it.
  11. Had another return locked by FAM, not fixable by administration. Tech fix is not a simple one, they end up on some screens of the Raven and eventually they find it. First try did not work and I suggested try "Raven Locks" which worked. He took alot of things back to the developer as something was up but he could not figure it out. While fixing the lock discovered nothing was retorable but 17 returns from early January, 164 in as of today. What is bothersome to me is my problems started after the FAM trial came out.
  12. Was able to open and print from workstation that the problem started on BUT still does not open on server. Pretty odd situation.
  13. Did you post this to ATX board also? They send errors to the developers.
  14. Done, workstation shut down on task manager and restart, server shutdown on task manager and restart, still waiting for a moderator on ATX board, will call after lunch if nothing by then. Thanks
  15. 280 total and 24 total as two separate entries. If it is a mix of ST LT then it get messier.
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