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  1. Thanks for the opinion, humor and admonishment, Max. I will eat the humble pie,and I will Like it! No disrespect intended
  2. My client was named Executor of the estate for longtime HRB customer. In reviewing several old tax returns of the deceased, a $135,000 donation was made to his church in 2014. The deduction was reported and produced a $111,000 contribution carryover( HRB carryover worksheet) Tax returns for 2015 and forward did not record any contribution carryover. It looks like the claim for refund ($4,500) on 2015 1040X is gone since that year is closed. Certainly HRB doesn't expect the old codger to bring in his prior year return each and every time to capture any carryover data. What kind of defenses, exclusions , exceptions might HRB mount when we pay them a visit? Thanks
  3. I have found that many elderly who have unclaimed property held by their state were stockholders through a demutualization. The state (WA) will describe the property as "stock dividends", "stock sale proceeds". Washington does not issue form 1099
  4. The large church donation produced a carryover to the next year. The anonymity sought was from both leadership and the congregation. She initially produced an acknowledgement letter, two years later, undated, not contemporaneous. And I advised her it was unacceptable. Thanks for sharing
  5. A recent experience of mine involved an only child of parents recently deceased. With her inheritance, she wanted to payoff her church's mortgage of approx $142,000, and do it anonymously. No acknowledgement, but they kept their paper trail. Well, guess what happens the two years later when she has a huge income year, big tax liability: She wants to go back and amend previous year and claim the donation to church. Speakers at two different NATP events suggested that I might have a Circular 230 issue if I amended the return for her. So, I suggested she seek a specialist to perform the 1040X. She recently contacted me ahead of this year's appointment to say she's getting $22,000 in refunds.
  6. My client's mortgage lender rejected an extension form because I masked the SSNs
  7. Report $0 in box 3 and 5, refund the SS n MC withheld, my educated guess
  8. kimjo

    HELOC Interest

    I had client refinance a rental 5 years ago, noticed payoff to Nordstrom Credit Card on closing doc. Every year now, only 81% of interest deducted.
  9. With the holidays behind us we just got started on getting our software loaded and prepping for the upcoming tax season. Found out the hard way that virtual machines are not working. Had not seen anything about this in the system requirements published so it came as a surprise since we had been running in a virtual machine for the last 3 years, including successfully running the 2012 program with no hardware/computer problems. Our 2012 program year had no computer issues only the problems that most seemed to be experiencing with late or incomplete forms. We have never called ATX tech support to ask how to make our machine run better, we have always taken care of our computer needs. The only calls to tech support have been for efiles that didn't sync and such issues. We have always run with a single standalone setup we were planning on stepping up this year and running two computers networked so time was spent trying to setup the workstation/server first, seemed to install fine, got no installation errors, tried to rollover our usual first return we use each year and got the first error. Said there was a communication error, the return never rolled over. We then tried uninstalling, reinstalling, standalone before coming across mentions of virtual machines not being supported. Our question is what has changed from the 2012 program to 2013 that makes virtual machines fail? We had no computer specific problems last year and our machine was well within the system requirement specs. Have we been abandoned?
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