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  1. Drake has allowed this for years, with no appparent slowing down of the software when running multiple returns windows. In fact, right now I have 5 2014 returns open, all screaming along.
  2. Renewed with Drake again Like you, I renewed with Drake. Easiest season I have had since I used to use TAASC.
  3. Similar call from Drake for me. They called to let me know a return was rejected and that I had not dealt with it yet. It was a retun I converted to a paper file, but Drake did not know this. What service! I was amazed!
  4. See this: http://blogs.citrix.com/2011/10/13/wow64-memory-mapping-of-32bit-apps-running-on-a-64bit-windows/
  5. KC, not sure why you would stop a discussion with simple differences of opinion on a PC technical matter. No one, with the possible exception of Jack has made any comment that is inappropriate or abusive. I understand your are the Admin and can do anything you want, but it would be helpful if you please explain your rational here.
  6. While both these statements are true, this doesn't change the fact that ATX is still not dealing with memory leaks that exacerbate the problem. There should be no reason to have to reboot every 4 hours, unless a program is misbehaving. Jack simply came up with a workaround to fix a problem/bug in the ATX software. A solution I had previously recommended to friends of mine that are still using ATX.
  7. BTW Jack, I run multiple copies of Drake simultaneously and not just multiple years and still no Resource Limit messages. Face it Jack, it is an ATX problem. The fact that you found a workaround to deal with the problem, doesn't change that the ATX problem exists.
  8. GOt John, what macros are you using? And as for being reminded why I switched to Drake... For the first time in YEARS, my season is smooth and I am keeping ahead of the game, thanks to Drake's speed. In fact so smooth this year, that for the first time in almost 15 years (about how long I used ATX for) I was able to go golfing in Tax Season. Ahhh pressure OFF!
  9. Jack, I don't think so! I am Not using ATX, but using and routinely running 7 to 10 programs concurrently, including 2 QuickBooks windows (a known resource hog) and NEVER EVER receive that message. Yet a few of my friends using ATX often do. Sadly I had to tell them to reboot their computers every time ATX leaks resources. And yes I still provide ATX support to several of my friends that I brought to the software years ago.
  10. Referral Fees paid to attorneys are a normal part of the practice and are ordinary income.If the attorney is a Sole Proprietor, those fees are normal part of the Schedule C Business income and should be included on the Schedule C Gross Receipts line.
  11. That was really not appropriate Jack. No one is questioning your decision to stay with the software, not even me. You are happy with ATX as are many others and that is your perogative. You are also extremely helpful to those that also decided to stick it out with ATX and that is commendable. But in this thread, FTM only wanted to know about what was going on over at the Official ATX Community and I made an attempt to let him know. If you think my focus was too narrow, and want to show him additional feedback from that community, you only have to go there and copy some of the comments to provide him what he is looking for.
  12. Here is a nice detailed article on accountant-client privilege/confidentiality. http://www.aicpa.org/publications/newsletters/aicpacpainsider/2010/june7/pages/theaccountant-clientprivilegedoesitexist.aspx Note that not all States have the same rules. Further, the privilege does not extend to tax preparation nor do they reach the level of an Attorney Client privilege and tax preparation is essentially not considered legal representation so not protected under Attorney Client Privilege. Still I tend to feel it precludes you from turning your client in and possibly from turning in the prior preparer as this is probably not in the best interest of your client and essentially the same thing as turning your client in.
  13. FTM, Since you don't have access to the ATX Official Board, I thought you might want to know that although there are less complaints over there than 2012, the number is still fairly high and the drama still exists. Suggests that CCH/ATX still has not gotten the program fixed for everyone. Guess you made a good decision to move on. From ATX Board:
  14. Totally agree! You are under no responsibility to force them to turn themselves or their prior preparer in. You are also not required to FORCE them into amending the prior return, although you should of course recommend it. You should advise them of their rights and responsibilities. Advise them of the risks of audit etc and if you take on the engagement to prepare the 2013, do it correctly to the best of your ability. Further you should not turn your client in to IRS.For licensed professionals turning your client in when you have a confidential relationship with them is malpractice! You of course can refuse the engagement if you don't trust the client, but it sounds like they need competent and professional advice.
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