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  1. Link expires in 24 hrs.
  2. Agreed. It is time consuming. In December, I bought a new Server with R2019 and did that as ATX 2020 will not install on R2012. I only put 3 years on other workstations except mine (Which has 10yrs). Still have old server as back up for prior years and connected to other work stations(in case if needed).
  3. Why not do a complete install of 2019, rather than upgrade. Copy your Data Drive to external drive. Complete new 2019 install and copy from external drive. Microsoft has Server 2019 software (Essential) for $529.
  4. I am Exporting in CSV from 2019 and Import in 1099-NEC. Saves a lot of time when you have many inputs.
  5. If you Rollover a client you also need to click on items in other Data: (Preparers, Payers..etc) I always click on other data and all preparers, companies and Payers get rolled over.
  6. As per NJ Website.. NOTICE: Automatic Extension for 2019 Corporation Business Tax Returns for Certain Fiscal Tax Year Filers 2019 Corporation Business Tax returns (Forms CBT-100, CBT-100U, BFC-1, BFC-1-F, and CBT-100S) are currently in the process of being finalized, which is delaying the start of the filing season. Taxpayers with accounting periods ending between July 31, 2019, and November 30, 2019, have been granted an automatic extension to file their tax returns by April 15, 2020. The taxpayer will not be charged late filing penalties if the return is filed by the Ap
  7. I think carry forward is only for 10 years.
  8. Was there any payroll form (941) not filed? Or they may be missing. I have had IRS Agents visit client for 941. Once the forms were faxed everything was fine.
  9. I have had a couple of clients that had to send that in2012 and 2013. called Priority line and sent all the items. the refund was cleared after 4-6 weeks.
  10. It is under Support >Customer Service Utility
  11. If you have selected AOC and you are out of EdExp worksheet ATX automatically adds 8863. Actually it automatically adds forms based on your selection of credit, but you need to get out of EdExp worksheet.
  12. Check and see if there is W2 in the return and retirement box is checked.
  13. FL and TX does not have withholding..
  14. Client verified online. Recevied acknowledgement "Completed Successfully" Now needs to wait 4-6 weeks.
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