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Depends on what you need -- how user-friendly, whether it's going to be you or client using it, if you want/need control of tax payments or want them seamless, etc.

Medlin Payroll (Jerry posts here sometimes) is excellent. Still has somewhat of a DOS feel (no problem & even some nostalgia for those of us who remember DOS!), easy to use, very flexible, dirt cheap. I do not recommend it to clients who are not computer-savvy, though.

If you want clients to do payroll eventually (or you to do it for them but relatively painlessly), there is online SurePayroll by Paychex. I have a couple of clients who use it. I can get reports, they have access from whatever computer, all taxes get paid automatically.

Some folks also think well of CFS's tax software (www.taxtools.com) but I have not tried it for myself.

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