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Rejects due to spouse social used in another return

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Yes.  Send your client the following:


Hello Client,


Here is the link to the IRS page concerning your situation.  Follow the steps on the page.  Call the phone number and follow their directions.  Only the person whose SS# has been compromised can speak to the IRS. 




Your return(s) will need to be paper filed and will need to include form 14039.  I will include them with the return.  You will also need to send legible and readable copies of your Driver's license and Social Security Card.


I have sent way too many of these this year.  Both returns will need to be paper filed.

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Just to add, your client will need to complete a police report and notify the FTC as well as the three major credit reporting agencies. One of my clients who is currently going thru this told me the IRS requires the police report with the return and form 14039 to investigate. That makes no sense. The IRS has to know who they are sending this money to or at the very least, what bank account it was deposited in. My client's SS# was used to get a 12,000.00 refund. I hope they do investigate.

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When a client learned that someone used his identity to file a fraudulent tax return in his name, my client asked the IRS agent for the name of the individual who had used his name and number. My client thought it was more than likely his ex. The agent responded that she was not allowed to divulge that information because of the privacy act....IRS was protecting the crook on the pretence of the privacy act.

That's why I'm glad they are "allowing" local law enforcement personnel to help find and arrest those individuals committing fraud. How high they jump when Congress comes down on them! Before they were raked over the coals by Congress, they would not divulge the crooks name and location to law enforcement personnel either.

But looking at both sides of an issue, Congress knows that the EIC is one of the most, if not the most fraudulent aspect of the tax code. And all we hear from Congress is their desire to increase the earned income credit...never a word about revamping the system the try to eliminate the fraud.

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I have a client who WAS given the name and ss# of the person who took her as a spouse for a huge refund. Of course, who knows if that is really his name.  (Only the Shadow knows for sure!!!!)  She received a bill from the IRS for $30,000 that she owed from the year that she was compromised.  She was the one who noticed that the SS on the letter was not hers.  Wouldn't you think with some of these huge refunds, they would stop and check before issuing the money?

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