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  1. Getting the vaccine does not make you immune. It might lessen severity and you can still transmit to others. We will not be doing any face to face all drop off or mail in.
  2. Tried everything. Then manually uninstalled then downloaded program again. That did the trick,
  3. It’s my understand you would have to remote into a computer at the office that is not currently using atx. That computer would be networked.
  4. Get an error 1336 about creating a temporary file. Update stops any fix the que for support is over an hour long,
  5. Got the email with the install codes but software not available on web site. Says I didn’t purchase it. Maybe tomorrow it will be available. phil
  6. Yardley, Max is 1200 something. Unlimited efile with three users. Phil
  7. Yes they added the optional upgrade to my renewal so I asked for it to be removed. Don't use it don't need it.
  8. I was surprised no one has communicated the pricing chage before you try to renew. They added in the fixed asset upgrade and some kind of practice management software that would have cost 2500 next year on top of the tax program. Don't need software to track my work flow. I can just look in one of the 8 boxes we set up every year. I removed all addons to the tax program and the price for two offices and 8 users at each office was about 3100. I would have purhcased the paperless plus but it doesn't work with scansnap scanners.
  9. Jack, What part is unfounded. On 04/02/15 3:47 PM, James Taubin wrote: Yes, there have been a few changes this year. They have discontinued the unlimited license, MAX comes with 3 users so I added the block of 5 additional users since you have 7; since individual license are $99 each. The enhanced assets used to be separate program, but they have included it back into MAX. I highly recommend you get the iFirm practice management, it values at $2499 (7-10 users) but with renewal this month you only pay the set-up fee of $199. Here is a link for more info: https://www.cchsfs.com/cch
  10. Efiling is unlimited. You get three users for free but you pay for each user above three. You have a per office fee and your user packs are not transferable.
  11. I was told no more unlimited pricing. You have to buy user packs. Where is my discount for early renewal? Phil
  12. Anyone notice you are getting more of these this year. Does this mean thier Social was compromised? Phil
  13. I am in Pa and use ATX and need some help getting some non 1040 returns completed. S, C, Partnership with PA RTC101's thrown in. If we can work out the details you can complete the return then export the return and I'll efile. In most cases I can provide the 2013 return via an ATX import. My person fell ill and will not be returning. If you think this is for you send me an email Philip@seniortaxstrategies.com Phil
  14. Surprise all of my workstations lost connection to the ATX server. Called Tech support and got the great advice of hring an IT guy and creating a shared folder then moving the files to the shared folder. BS answer. The real answer was to reinstall the software on the server. All the workstations found the software without a hitch. Hope this doesn't happen too often. Happy New Year. Phil
  15. I use flat fee pricing of $99.00 plus $3.00 per month per employee. Frequency doesn't matter, direct deposit free, no fees for monthly, quarterly or year end reports or w2's. No impounding of taxes. In PA we have to process local withholding but that's included in the cost. Hourly rates for pickup, delivery, calculation of time cards and workers comp audits.
  16. Other than organizers do you send out newsletters? If so are you using mail or electronic versions? Since I have never used organizers, except my first year, I don't think I would get a good ratio of completed organizers to justify the time and expense of sending out the ATX organizer. Phil
  17. Jack we did 1600 returns last year. Phil
  18. Just wondering how many people send out organizers. I never had anyone ask for them and it seems like alot of time and effort to get them prepared. Do you find they are worthwhile? How about newsletters. Does anyone send monthly or quaterly newsletters to clients? Phil
  19. The game you play is getting your ecpected family contribution as low as possible. Apply to private colleges and it might cost less than the state school if your assets are positioned properly. Phil
  20. I don't encourage long talks during tax season. This year instead of giving away a tv at random. All referral slips will get entered. 10 referrals 10 chances. Plus a cash reward of the ones who don't win the big tv. Need some WOW!
  21. I realize that with regards to the money. I wanted to know how many 1040 returns each preparer does in a season. If enough people had responed then it might have provided useful information regardless of return dificulity. For instance if we do 400 and you do 600 then that is a big enough of a difference to try to figure out what is going on. If it turns out you do 375 or someone else does 425 then the numbers are so close as to not need further study. Everyone knows thier average returns per preparer they just didn't want to share. Why? Beats me I just have to accept it.
  22. Yeah I can see that happening. Well nix the cookies and soda. Used to offer coffee till some guy spilled all over my desk and his papers.
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