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CA preparers - 2018 Wild Fires

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Anyone dealing with Ca wild fires in 2018, Drake is not handling The Carr and Camp fires correctly.  The disaster code for both fires are not on the 3805V.  When using an existing code, ie code 100, Drake does not carry the loss as a Disaster, but as a General losses not subject to carry back/carry forward.  Drake is working on a fix.  Fortunately, the problem is only affecting my own return, but the season is young.

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Thanks.  Words and pictures just cannot describe the devastation that occurred in northern California this past year.  Our home was hit twice by the Carr fire.  The intensity of the fire was unbelievable.  We found a cast iron skillet that was only recognizable by its warped handle.  The out pouring of our community was indescribable.  Anywhere we went, people were there to do anything for us.  We and our pets got out safely and are moving on.  (We got or computers out AND I don't need to worry about securing my old files!)

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