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sputtering about estd tax payments


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I have a corp that we didn't know existed.  That should have been filing in the past.  They are located in NYS.  And they have a sizable income. I cannot efile just the estimated payment.  I have to do it thru EFTPS which i just realized so now I'm not likely to have the PIN number by the 15th.  What is with that.  They give you your EFIN number immediately when you apply, but I gotta wait for a darned PIN number that I am using to GIVE them money.  Then - NYS - I set up an online business account for that and it says "Our records show that your business is not registered to pay corporation tax in New York State. If you believe our records are incorrect, call our Corporation Tax Information Center."  Are you kidding me.............Again...trying to give them money.


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You may want to hold off and refer your client to a tax attorney.  If the corp should have been filing in NYS and may owe big time, but the state doesn't know about them, they will often strike a deal.  The attorney tells them they have a delinquent client who owes $XXX and is willing to come forward and pay $whatever.  The state may just agree or at least negotiate because if the client doesn't come forward and never gets caught, it gets nothing.  Penalties and interest go away with the deal.  (I learned this from a guest speaker in my master's program.  His clients found $10 million in cash in a deceased relative's attic--the person owned a lot of real estate in NYC and collected much of the rent in cash. The attorney presented an anonymous deal to the state and negotiated from there.)  It will cost your client but you should give them the option.

I know what you mean by having to jump through hoops to give away money. Our stupid grocery store with its stupid loyalty card and stupid rewards points gave me the option of donating my rewards to the local food bank.  When I tried to do that, I learned I had to download an app to my phone to make the donation.  While I had no problem with giving away my points, I was not going to give away my privacy and allow them to track everywhere I go and everything I do.

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