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To Eric - a place for good articles? An Archive?

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KC posted a really good article on cancellation of debt. Is it possible that the site can handle an archive where these types of articles can be placed for future reference? I know you already do a lot for us, and if this is too much, just say so. I would put it on my computer, but I would forget where I put it.

I was thinking the moderators could be the only ones to put these articles in, and the members would only be able to read them so it does not get clogged with a bunch of junk.

Thanks for all you do.


Lodi, CA

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I could create a new forum called "Article Archive" below E-File where links to articles can be posted. It'll have to be done manually.. so if someone sees an article they think should be saved in the archive, anyone could go post it there.

I'll turn off the feature for that forum that hides inactive threads after 30 days so that people will be able to locate old articles in there without having to search.

If that sounds like a reasonable solution, I'll implement it when I do the rest of the forum upgrades. If you have other ideas, I'm all ears.

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