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  2. OK, I reread your initial post and realize that part of your problem is that you don't know where the print area is. On a simple worksheet, you could probably use the print preview or simply print the sheet, but my version also has other ways to find the print area: Choose "View" from the menu bar, and then change the view from Normal to Page Break Preview. This causes my entire worksheet to be visible but greyed out with only the Print Area shown as brighter, or Select any cell (A1 will do) and you should see that cell address "A1" appear in a box with a drop down arrow. This box is located to the left and directly above the worksheet input area itself. Click on that down arrow and you should see the choice "Print Area". Click on that selection and the print area should be displayed. My help instructions say that the print area isn't set until the worksheet is saved, so it may also be that the print area isn't totally cleared until you use the clear function AND also save the worksheet.
  3. Thanks to all. I am admittedly using an old version (Excel 2007) For other reasons I'm going to hang on to it for as long as I can. The pop-up box reads: "A formula or sheet you want to move or copy contains the name 'Print_Area', which already exists on the destination worksheet. Do you want to use this version of the name? To use the name as defined in the destination sheet, click Yes. To rename the range referred to in the formula or worksheet, click No and enter a new name in the Name Conflict dialog box. I will also state that the "destination worksheet" would be brand new and could not possible contain the Print Area except for the fact that it must have existed on the source worksheet. Answering "Yes" stops everything, and the name is on the destination worksheet and anything further copied. Answering "No" brings up another dialogue box where you have the opportunity to rename the range. Neither option stops the range from being copied. Thanks to all who have responded. If you don't have this problem, I'm happy for you.


    you have too much time - come do some taxes for me!
  5. When I went through school in 96 we had to do all the forms by hand in pencil so that you really learned how a change on this line of this form affects things on that form. I can't even imagine trying to do that with this new I'll be nice and say, "stuff." I'm doing good to know what the schedules are now. What was that about the Paperwork Reduction Act????
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  7. Yes. You never give up your right to amend.
  8. If a client agreed to the changes proposed on a CP 2000 and paid the tax, can a subsequent amended return be filed if it's still an open year and new information is discovered?
  9. I transmitted our federal, CT, and IL returns with direct debits. Yeah! I have a used HP all-in-one that's newer than my broken one from a client; it's sitting on my guest room/junk room floor. I ripped off the bubble wrap and plugged it in to scan the 1099-B to a flash to take to my computer to send with our return. I have a new Fujitsu scanner that's not set up. Who has time?! This virtual water cooler keeps me going. Thank you, Everyone! And, luckily, grateful clients make it worthwhile.
  10. I have a new computer, sitting in a box under my dining room table, waiting for me to have TIME to set it up! Good luck, Lion!
  11. Dear Lord, just let them go back to the forms we know. Amen.
  12. He paid me and that's not the issue. And he gave me extra money to cover the tax he owed, and a couple bucks for my doing it for him. So my lazy side this morning wanted to just pull it from my account and get his return out of here. But I did go to the post office and got a MO. But it begged the question, if my info shows on someone else's return, can the IRS or state lien or levy my back account in the event the same taxpayer didn't pay tax due.
  13. I receive one when I print out my comparison forms for every return. I have ATX Total Office. I can't look at them on my screen, but they print out on my returns with C's and E's. Now that I'm confessing, they will probably take them away. It's probably a glitch.
  14. There are no comparison for Schedule C and E. do you know which tax software provide the two year comparison for them?
  15. I've not gotten bitten but would never put myself in that situation, either. It's one thing to not get paid, even for months or ever, for services rendered but it's for certain I would never put out my own money for the tax debt of someone else. Guess I'm not as kind hearted or trusting as you.
  16. Oh no! You have more issues than I can imagine. I do hope you can get it all completed then breathe, breathe, and promise yourself that you come first next time. Good luck!
  17. And, line 10 refunds, and what are we going to do next year when they redesign the forms and renumber?!
  18. So, in the wee hours of the morning as I finished every scrap of paper that I have for our joint return, I realize I don't have anything from Morgan Stanley: my IRA distribution, my SEP distribution with QCD, and Steve's investment account. When I plug in last year's totals to see what's going to happen to our returns, we're going to owe a bunch! I leave an email for our broker and a huge note for hubby and get a little sleep. When I awake, our broker had uploaded .pdf files for me. Then hubby found our paper copies still in their mailed envelope in his basket of bills to pay! He'd opened it but stuffed the papers back in their envelope months ago. Hope he doesn't have any corrected 1099s in his bill-pay basket. Also, he has five pages of trades! Our broker can't get me an Excel today. I have Scan & Flow, but old scanner broke and haven't set up the new. I guess I'm entering totals only for each security and hoping for the best. All-in-One is also broken (just receives faxes but won't send or copy or scan to my computer or a flash) so I can't attach a .pdf. But, maybe I can cull the pages I need from the broker's upload... Tomorrow, I'll decide if I'm keeping hubby!! And, in November I'm shopping for a computer, copier, color printer, etc. At least I nursed my computer through this season and my black only printer for tax returns is OK. Toner and paper just now arrived from Staples. Now, if IL will accept a direct debit from a non-resident, I don't have to finish before the PO closes.
  19. this is not payroll - just income tax. But I think I'll just go to the post office and get a MO Just wondering if anyone had gotten bit before
  20. I can tell you that my C, E and F comparison prints, but I can't look at them on screen. I have Total Tax Office. I am dropping to Max for next year, so I hope that I'm not sorry. I wish that I could afford Advantage.
  21. At least use a money order or something without your name... Any trace where you show any sort of control or participation in payment is bad. While I have no idea what the exact tax prep rules on this are, payroll liability can "catch" anyone who had any sort of participation or control. Defense is expensive, and someone wanting you to handle the payment must have a reason for doing so.
  22. Years ago I paid a client's state payroll taxes several times by writing a check from my business account. It made me a little uncomfortable, but there was no question in my mind as to my client's financial stability. I also paid some state registration fees for this client and another client with my business credit card.
  23. I know, I know - probably a dumb question. Guy paid me extra cash to just "take care of bill for him" and I was considering just drawing from my account. But the little devil on the other shoulder says its a bad idea to put my info on his tax account. What if the guy has a lien in the future and the IRS finds my account. has anyone else ever done this?
  24. How lucky you were! I tried again just now but renewal was still not an option. So I selected Update and realized that my license expires Dec. 31, 2019. Aha! That's the problem! So I just spent over an hour renewing my Ohio CPA license. Accountancy Board now shows Dec. 31, 2022. I changed to that date on PTIN but still no option to renew. I can see messages, number of e-filed returns, etc. just no renewal option. Maybe in a couple of weeks...
  25. You definitely have way more patience than I do! I have several long term non filers that tell me that they never throw anything away and have all the information. However they never bring me anything, so I won't worry about them until they bring their stuff in if they ever do, since it's been more than 12 years since either one has filed !
  26. Catherine

    2020 PTIN

    I was able to renew, and also checked on my "returns efiled under this PTIN" while I was there.
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