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  1. I tell the clients they are going on extension so I will have more time to work on their return and be able to DOUBLE check it. No one complains.
  2. I also send the engagement letter (2) 1 for them and 1 for me, with the organizer if they need one and "Hi happy tax season letter" with updates or special interest items. Some times they send them back sometime they don't but they do sign them when they come for pickup.
  3. My prayers are for both of you and your family.God Bless.
  4. Thanks for straightening that out for me.
  5. Just out to lunch and I think that's where my brain was before. It is a NJ partnership not a CT partnership. Senior moment or brain freeze? Are we getting near April 15th?
  6. Have a client who moved to CT from NJ. In NJ the partnership rolls over to K1 and to their individual return. In CT it seems like they pay a tax on the partnership and not K1 to their individual return. The partnership is in NJ but the main partner is in CT. Any help who be appreciated. Thanks
  7. Gee I wish I had that kind of money in my 401. What is he doing with 640,000?
  8. I an idiot too but I sure enjoy the great company of all of you. Thanks for the laugh.
  9. Thanks KC for the laugh, it eases the pain. I pray for you and your family daily.
  10. I will continue to pray for all the members of this community and their families. You are great water cooler friends. Sometimes, like today I will the season was a little longer just to try and catch up on the paper work. Oh well extensions here they come.
  11. bstaxes

    mfj or mfs

    Thanks for the help. I did enjoy sending them to H&R block, Gene, although that would probably be mean and cruel. That would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when they walked in.
  12. bstaxes

    mfj or mfs

    I feel like a therapist. He is away from her and living in his car or at his girlfriend's house. He works, she did not (maybe $400.00) 3 children. This year they owe money using mfj and BIG bucks if mfs. Each one calls me individually. I am his preparer, I don't know where she goes or even if she files. I am thinking they should send me something in writing or e-mail as to their filing status. I am really feeling concerned about this return. I don't IRS knocking on my door. She won't sign papers for the children for him to claim, they live with her. She says she is claiming the children. I feel like I stepped into a bees nest. Any suggestions.
  13. Marilyn did the same thing with the roof. Hopefully no one is standing under it. Today they are predicting 60. It looks like rain. Could use some snow for the farmers to help the ground along. Tomorrow is Ground Hog day lets see what happens.
  14. bstaxes

    KC Jenkins...

    My prayers are with you and your husband. I will also keep your family in my prayers. Thanks for your help over the past couple of years.
  15. If I gave all that to my clients, I would be overwelmed with phone calls. I only have one of form ####, do I send it to the IRS? Most of my clients are not e-filers, I been trying to get them to e-file but they don't trust the internet. I get the calls if they go through the package and mess it all up. Thank God ATX lets me print client copy on their return. So the least I give them the better off they are and I am. If they need something I gladly send it to them.
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