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Teresa K

created e-file's not visible in e-file manager

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We have run into a glitch with our ATX software’s e-filing capabilities, which has us in a huge bind prior to tomorrow’s deadline. We need urgent help. Since yesterday, whenever we create E-files, ATX goes through the process, and everything looks okay. However, when you go to the E-file Manager, those created E-files are nowhere to be found and there is no way to submit them. If you go into the tax return Acknowledgement History, you can clearly see that E-files were created. We cannot figure out if this is a setting issue or an ATX software problem. We are trying to obtain tech support but no one is available until tomorrow.

Thank you very much for any and all suggestions!


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I really appreciate your quick response. We tried clearing all the filters at the beginning and no luck. We still see them in the Acknowledgement History but not the E-file Manager. Are you aware of any other way to e-file?

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After rebooting, try turning off your firewall and your antivirus program.

See if that makes a difference. If it does you can exclude all ATX files from the scrutiny of your firewall and your antivirus [program.

This has been a problem that has popped up from time to time over the last 6 years.

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