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Import from Dropbox, losing extensions

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hello, so when I go to import a tax return that has an e-filed extensions and instead of doing another copy - as that doubles my count!!

the extension status disappears!

How do I keep that? Is that just me?

Now I am going in and printing the acknowledgement history - but that is extra steps and time and I do not have that now..

help please?

thx d form northcentral beautiful fall leaf season!

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46 minutes ago, WITAXLADY said:

ok - I know replacing means overwriting - but usually an e-file never goes away and definitely not in this case??

How do the rest of you reconcile this?

THx d

There are differences between import/export and backup/restore.  Using "import" to retrieve a file that was created from the "export" function does not include the e-filing information or things like the bank product information.  Using "restore" to retrieve a return that had been created from the "backup" function does include the e-file and bank product information and some other data.

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Thank you -

the issue is these returns have been created off-site remotely..

But it seems if the extension was in the imported copy, it is holding.

I just had some very early ones to finish??

Dealing with it - just taking time and I do not like in efficiency..

I like the earlier programs where every keystroke counted - put in 5 digit zip and it jumped to next cell, etc..

So I really like the zip putting in and it adds the city and state!!

wish it did it anywhere the zip was asked for!!


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Sounds like you have an offsite database and a main database. Never a good situation. Preferable would be a VPN to access your main database remotely. We have 3 locations now and that's how the other 2 locations access the main database. Another option would be for the remote preparer to login into a computer on your network.

If none of that works for you, It would be preferable to use backup/restore vs. export/import. ATX creates a backup every time you close a return, and puts an index number in the file name (1,2,3,...), so you could locate where these backups are and just copy the latest ones (sort by date) then restore those.

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